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Jameson: Dangerous Delivery (or The Spy who Thanked Me)

Updated on February 14, 2013

Abu Hassan al-Farouk moved along K Street nervously this evening. Someone was following him, but he didn't know why. His days of espionage were behind him by some fifteen years. He'd changed his identity and his nationality. He'd even had plastic surgery on his face, and had any scars removed from him. "Why is he following me, and how does he know who I am?", he thought.

He ducked into an alley and continued down, almost reaching the end, when he saw the man. His follower approached, hidden in the shadows. Al-Farouk didn't think to run. All he could think of was how this was how it was to end for him. Out of nowhere, unanticipated, unwarranted and unexpected. The man approached and reached into his jacket.

"Abu Hassan al-Farouk?", the man asked. Not a trace of emotion existed in his voice. It was cold, and unnerved Al-Farouk even more.

"Y-yes. That is me. End it, assassin," he said. If this was to be his last night, he would face it with honor and dignity.

"For you, sir," the man said and handed him an envelope.

"What? Who...," Al-Farouk stammered after a few moments. It was too late for any questions. The man had disappeared back into the throng.

Al-Farouk looked at the envelope. It was unremarkable, other than being made from a very expensive paper. Bone white with no markings other than it bearing the inscription "For My Friend Abu". He slowly opened it, ready to run at the first sign of poison or explosives. Nothing. Al-Farouk pulled the note out. It read:

"Dear Abu,

Thank you so much for the housewarming gift. I very much appreciate the fine fruit basket, and assure you that it will be eaten as soon a possible, as I believe that at least three servings of fruits and vegetables a day is essential for good health. Also thank you for the compliment on my new home. Yes, the condo is very nice, and I am enjoying it when I can. You know how it is ha-ha-ha!

Warmest Regards,

It was then when Abu Hassan al-Farouk, former spy, who had seen numerous amazing and horrible things in his career, passed out. When he recovered, he realized that Jameson was, above even practicality, courteous.


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