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Janana's Song

Updated on August 1, 2011

My Friend Janana Allmon

Janana Allmon
Janana Allmon

To You Janana. God sees what you are going through and He is still there.

I am not as emotional as I should be sometimes. I want you to know Janana that although I am not always around the corner, I am always a phone call away. I cannot imagine what life has been like for you for the past couple of years. I do not think that I would have had the courage that you have had. You have always been there when I have needed you and I am here for you now and always. You were my first friend at Tara High and I cherish our friendship with my life. I love you and I know that this is only a test. I know what you are made of, and I am hopeful that you know the same.


This Is Janana's Song

I have given all that I have.

It’s not enough…no not enough

The pride, it hurts so badly.

It’s not enough…no not enough

I been a warrior; I have been searching.

I just want the same thing that I have been teaching.

If I could save the world; I would in a minute.

If I could change your mind; I would now.

My clarity is my enemy, and I cannot stop thinking.

The pain is all I have.

It’s not enough…no not enough.

The love is all I am.

It’s not enough…no not enough.

No forgiveness for my errors.

Not in their eyes.

I am a victim of sincerity, and an advocate for truth.

My clarity is brilliant; yet I am surrounded by fools.

No understanding for my needs, from the ones that I am in debt to.

Prior to the change I was embellished with life.

I was the hero and I set all things right.

I was the carrier of many in need.

Now that I need a savior; who will save me?

My heart is all I have.

It’s not enough…no not enough.

My clarity will never fail me.

It’s not enough… no not enough.

I am still the same; my courage is still intact.

I want to see the looks on your faces when my strength is back.

My will is all I have, and it is enough…more than enough.

My life is still here, and it’s more than enough.

I have not lived out all of my dreams, so there is much time.

Look closer at me; I am ablaze; I am being refined.


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    • Carrie Hollister profile image

      Carrie Hollister 6 years ago from Ohio

      Beautifully written and I can sense your heart for Janana.

      One can only hope for such a friend as you.

      Voted up dear!

    • profile image

      Janana Allmon 6 years ago

      Vanessa, this is truly beautiful; I am so emotional right now because you really made my day. Real friends are so rare; however, you and I have survived 19 years, thousands of miles, and many of life's obstacles-yet, our friendship has continued to be one of the constant things in my life. I love you and I hope you continue to write; it is your passion and it will take you places unknown. I will be your muse anytime! ;)