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Jasper Pearl Explosion

Updated on May 3, 2017

I did. But that doesn't mean

that I'll mess this up.

It doesn't mean you'll succeed, either. Anyway, it's done. Just drop it. The time warp to Torture Space Sector has been sealed by my usage of the Dragonian Gold Sword.

C Orphancoat IV defeats Jefe Rioletto. Oh snap. Jefe has dropped the ball again. Now C Orphancoat IV has ownership of the Topaz Pearl. It's sad, but you just kind of knew that Jefe would drop the ball again. Now the Team has to figure out how in the world to get the Topaz Pearl back again.

Perkycoat Reclo is jealous of C Orphancoat IV. He wants the Topaz Pearl.

Perkycoat Reclo is extremely violent.

He mentally drains people. He is extremely powerful. He is a cousin of Jasper Tiger. He hates JT. JT took the woman he was in love with. Then, JT dumped her. Perkycoat Reclo always wants to fight JT. However, JT always plays down the situation. Perkycoat Reclo kills a bunch of humans. He is working hard to establish Xandriana's full power on earth. He loves to cause destruction and put humans in slavery. His heart is dark. He is one twisted individual. It's so hard to kill him that it's not funny. He is heavily motivated by money.

Perkycoat Reclo defeats C Orphancoat IV.

Sabbath! :)

Clone Orphancoat dies. He is killed by a member of the Topaz Tiger Knights.

Clone Murkycoat dies. He is killed by a member of the Topaz Tiger Knights.

Dandycoat Clone dies. He is killed by a member of the Topaz Tiger Knights.

Clonikki dies. He is killed by a member of the Topaz Tiger Knights.

Perkycoat Reclo dies. He is killed by a member of the Topaz Tiger Knights.

Clone Orphancoat Jr. dies. He is killed by a member of the Topaz Tiger Knights.

Clone Orphancoat IV dies. He is killed by a member of the Topaz Tiger Knights. Century Dove kills Clone Orphancoat IV. She takes away the Topaz Pearl from him. She is now the owner of the Topaz Pearl.

Amethyst Sandca and Jasper Tiger

get in a really ugly fight at noonday. They both beat each other up. They are exhausted and have to be separated.


Baftica has a very strong magnetic field. It is made of hydrogen and helium. It is very rocky. When seen from space, it is a yellow planet with the appearance of sunlight. It has 16 moons. A nebula is near the planet. One of its moons is Europa. Europa is very rocky. It has water. It has volcanoes that shoot ice instead of fire.

The Steps

1. Fight the Clones at the political level. Gain a foothold.

2. Fight those suckaz at

the cultural level. Gain a foothold.

3. Fight those suckaz at the economic level. Gain a foothold.

4. Fight the Clones at the spiritual level. This is the most important. Gain a foothold.

I must destroy Xandriana. It's personal. If all goes according to destiny, I will separate her from her life force.

No, you must continue your mission. You cannot quit this just yet. Don't forget. You will end up a millionaire when all is said and done. Didn't we tell you that we would dramatically increase your popularity very quickly?

Yes, you guys are correct. I mean, I've never had any kind of success or popularity like this before. I've been doing this for nearly a decade, and 2014 was a very big year for me. So, yeah, I see how the success grew very quickly. But here's the thing.

Let's just say me and my chick

don't want to be millionaires. Let's just say me and her just want 100,000 shekels and that's all. Well, can I get out the game early for 100,000 and just chill with my baby?

Nope. You must stay in the game. You cannot leave until you've done every single thing you agreed to.

I am Jherri Cantaunti. I am feeling amazing. My Power Level is steadily increasing. I must fulfill my destiny and become eternal.

Jherri eats a piece of lemon cake.

The 144,000 grow in immense power.


W.S. Knight is Given His Saddle

Benaiah gives W.S. Knight his saddle.

The year is 2016. June.

W.S. Knight is Given His Saddlecloth

Benaiah gives W.S. Knight his saddlecloth.

The year is 2016. July.

Classy Clad converses with Dr. B.R. Lar


Dr. B.R., I just wanted you to read it so that way we can talk about it when we have a chance to so I can have a better understanding. Thank you, brother, for helping me. Our Father in Heaven knows that I'm going the correct path that I'm going in. However, I need help so thank you for taking the time.

Yeah, it's Revelation that has the trumpets.

Yep! I knew Revelation had it! I just ain't know if you had read it somewhere else.

Nope, that was where I read it. I just wasn't sure.

It's a yes, Classy Clad! Revelation is a go, brother! Praise God and Jesus Christ!

Ok, thank you, brother.

Hey, brother, how's it going?

Going good, brother!

That's good, brother. I have been reading the Bible. I started with the notes in Exodus, in particular, the Ten Commandments. I'm currently in the process of reading Exodus and Mark and Revelation. Do you think that's too much or is that ok?

I am currently taking notes from Exodus and going on through the Bible. I am also reading everything else.

How do you clear your head to listen for the Holy Spirit if you have everything else on your mind like my family and bills etc.?

Classy Clad, you need to listen to me when I tell you to do something. Don't question my motives.

Sometimes you get a little too hardheaded. Not good.

I think that's good - not too much as long as you take them slow.

That takes time, brother. It's when God decides, but you're right. The mind must be clear from problems, bills, etc. in order to hear the Holy Spirit.


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