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Jayxen: The Adolescent - Part 2 (World of Warcraft FanFiction)

Updated on March 11, 2016

The Hangover

Jayxen woke in the morning with a sharp headache and a stomach that was upset by any amount of light. She was naked, and the boy from the night before gone. This would add to the shame that she felt from the room Allie sat in, waiting for Jayxen to wake. Instead, Allie was almost understanding.

"You had no childhood, it is no wonder than you would act this way now." Allie consoled her. "Love is for fools, my dear sister. They will all leave you if you continue to act this way, not to mention we're to be searching for our family."

Jayxen's stomach turned at the thought of family. "They're dead, Allie. I've come to understand this... and even if they aren't, how are we to find them? I want to live, not be left to die without them." As she began to weep, she asked. "Are we to never love others?"

Allie's face softened a bit, and she put a hand on her sister's wet face. "Maybe you are meant for love. Thoughts of them consume me, and I do not wish for you to feel what I feel. You must understand why I will leave you and ask that you aid my search. If you continue to seek love, I will not be there to help you find it."

As their eyes met, Jayxen began to see the differences between her and her elder sister. Jayxen indeed had hope, and so did Allie. It was different, though, and Jayxen worried that Alucardia would perish in the search for their family instead of building a new one.

Split Sisters

Jayxen continued to keep an eye out for her mother, as she figured she would never recognize her other sister, Zeldamon. She drank less, but still searched in the night for the love she dreamed of at night.

As she walked alone in the woods one night, though, love was out of her mind. She had begun having disturbing dreams of a young child in a cave. The child would be alone, fighting rats and serpents by a river. She would kill, skin, and carry the bones of the animal that had attacked her and then proceed to make jewelry and clothing she would then wear. Each night, a new chapter to the little girl's story was revealed to Jayxen. Each night, she woke soaked in her own sweat and sometimes blood she had drawn on herself.

She decided after fifteen nights that it was time to send word to her sister. It had been months since they had been together, but Jayxen knew she would come. Allie would connect her dreams to their lost sister, and Jayxen had begun to believe in the hope herself. Her sister would be no little girl, though, she would be almost fifty years old herself. All Jayxen knew is that she wanted the dreams to stop.

Connection Ritual

Allie arrived at once and had come with a plan. She brought company, and before even speaking to Jayxen of anything she ordered her guest to set up her station by the campfire. Jayxen did not make an attempt to talk to her sister, either, and followed the shaman over to the campfire.

"I am Ashe. Your sister is so rude to have not introduced us." Ashe shot Alucardia a look that Jayxen could have sworn actually burned her sister's soul.

"It's nice to meet you, I haven't slept for two nights now." Jayxen ignored the comment on etiquette and instead she inquired, "What is that in your hand?"

"You will drink this and it will guide your way to the one in your dreams. Once she tells you of her location, you can be on your way to finding her... Or Alucardia will search, depending on your condition." The mysterious shaman continued to crush herbs and add liquid to her mixture as she spoke of the ritual. "Allie says you have suffered... vulnerabilities... in the past. This ritual will likely leave you in a vulnerable state. We have a priest coming for your inevitable recovery."

Jayxen decided to also ignore the monotony in her voice. "Just tell me when to drink up."

Broken Again

The rituals continued for what felt like ages to Jayxen. Alucardia had little to do with them except to bring her sister food and drink when a session was over. Magic was discovered to cover the location of the girl. Breaking through the magic, though possible, was the breakdown of Jayxen's soul that Ashe had sent warning about. With the priest always present, Jayxen had begun to feel like a mental patient, and she struggled with the truth of that fear.

Once the location of whom Allie was sure was Zeldamon and their mother was procured, the eldest sister was once again off into the night. Jayxen lay there the night of her departure, shattered further by their broken relationship. The dreams stopped suddenly for her after Allie left, and Jayxen went from devastated and violent back to detached and unaware of her surroundings. The priest slept next to her in a bed on the other side of her room.

Jayxen had another long road to recovery Allie soon found herself at a dead end, begging her sister to look again. The priest and Ashe agreed that even if Jayxen were healthy enough for another set of connection rituals, the dreams were what connected her to the little girl and the location she represented. It was decided that nothing could be done for now search the surrounding areas in the wilderness Alucardia had come home from. This left Jayxen feeling more alone than she had before, and Allie's promises to stay home with her just seemed to worsen her condition.

"I will stay with her this time." Alucardia told Ashe. "I will be the family she deserves. There is no more hope for me out there. You can leave if you want, I have no more work for you."

As she stood in front of Allie, her face pinched in thought. "Just because we were not birthed by the same blood does not mean I can leave you now. We will rest, and try again." Ashe turned quickly on her heels and went to tend to the afternoon fire.


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