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Jayxen: The Adolescent - Part 1 (World of Warcraft FanFiction)

Updated on February 25, 2016


Down in the Woods

In the beautiful, natural city of Darnassus, Jayxen and her family prepared to flee. They would be on the run for years from the great war that was to be behind them only to always show in front of them. When Jayxen and her eldest sister Alucardia were separated from their mother and sister, they clung to each other in the homes they built for themselves. Alucardia would protect her younger sister with her life and magic, keeping her warm with fire every night. At seventeen, Alucardia led Jayxen to Stormwind, and promised the large city made from stone would protect them. It would be better there, and much more protected than the forest. They arrived months after they left home, both girls detached and exhausted from the trip. They found home at an inn in the big city, and slept for an entire week. Once up and around the inn, strangers offered the children food and drinks in trade for them catching the rats that ran along the river. Jayxen would run along the bridge and train the pets she had collected against what she pretended were the enemy so that she didn't have to feel bad about not saving them all. She gathered a variety of animals as she and her sister traveled from city to city, and Jayxen detached from reality. She instead chose friends in the animals she collected, and soon became too detached for Alucardia to understand. The eldest sister decided they needed a rest, and she found a doctor to care for her at the local inn. As Alucardia left Jayxen in the room, she felt nothing for the thought that her sister was dying, and Jayxen would be completely unaware of her sisters whereabouts. The medic alerted Alucardia that it would be months before Jayxen would be mentally able to see her again if Allie were to leave. Allie kissed her sister on the forehead. "I'm going to find them." she whispered, and Jaxexn recoiled at her promise as it hung in the air.

The Years Will Pass

As the years passed, and Jayxen struggeled with her detatchment, it seemed that Allie would never return. Jayxen began to fear that she was all alone in the world. She only spoke to the doctors, and she made no serious relationships. Her entire life had fallen apart, and she began building back up her trust in humanity with the ones around her.

On Jayxen's eighteenth birthday, Alucardia returned to her. She was destroyed and barely recognized her sister. She appeared to have fought a war on her own, lost, and survived. Her long blue hair had faded to green, and there were leaves stuck to the bloody scalp Allie continued to scratch at as she rambled endlessly about finding the baby Zeldamon. Her eyes had gone wild, yet they grew dimmer as she spoke. Eventually, medics rushed in after hearing the commotion in Jayxen's bedroom. They tended to Alucardia as well as Jayxen, whom had shrunk into a corner and was now shaking, unable to decide if she was happy to see her sister or if she wished she had never come back.

A female nurse had knelt beside Jayxen, "Be happy, child... she is not lost. The years will pass, and you will forgive each other..."

Leaving our Second Home

As the girls became reacquainted with each other, Jayxen slowly came to realize that she wanted to find the rest of her family as well. She wanted to join when Alucardia set off with her portals through the Eastern Kingdoms. They made plans this time, and despite her fear Jayxen helped draw up the map of attack. There were many areas that she would have to be careful crossing through until she got stronger. Staying in Stormwind so long had made her strong enough to stay there, but Alucardia insisted that she obtain a better weapon. As they headed to the auction house for a staff, Jayxen contemplated adding to her powers. She wished to know more about her possible bear form, and her current healing abilities would only serve well if the girls were together. Jayxen would be left helpless without Alucardia if she did not, and could become stronger than her sister if she tuned into her her more aggressive nature.

After the auction house, they went together to visit their magic trainers. Alucardia needed to learn the reagents for another portal, and Jayxen had much to learn. Having taken up most of the evening, the girls decided to start off into the plains the following day. Feeling good about their plans, they ate dinner and talked excitedly about the following day.

"We will find them," Jayxen sat in hopeful thought with the confidence of stronger abilities stirring in her. "Mother just got lost, and we will find them."

Alucardia looked over at her and smiled. "We need to get stronger so that we can go to Shattrath. There is tell that everyone ends up there, maybe she heard the same rumors and went there to wait for us."


Searching for Love

At sixty and fifty-seven, Alucardia and Jayxen began to set up their home in Shattrath. They each chose opposite factions of the large city in Outland. As they separately earned money and reputation, the idea was that they could cover all of the Outlands this way. As Alucardia searched only for their family, though, Jayxen had long since lost hope of finding them. They had known no one when they were separated, and the reality grew inside her that there was no one that would know them now. The only way to find them would be to actually see them, and their sister would have spent her entire life shaded from the world now. Unless their mother had lost the fear of the outside world, Zeldamon very well might be lost with her forever. They had possibly even been killed by now, with no reputation for vengeance.

Alucardia refused to believe any of this and move on with her life, but Jayxen spent her nights making friends, lovers, and partying underground at large parties the guild masters would throw. In this way, she had a life secret from her sister. She still searched, but she figured that if she were at these parties, it was just as likely Zeldamon would be found there as out on the battlefield. She drank harder the nights she thought of her baby sister on the battlefield, and she searched harder for love. When a man looked at her the right way, Jayxen would start the game all over again. She became known among the guilds as a the searcher of love. As she asked for a stranger to help her find her sister and mother, what she would really be asking them if they would share the journey of life with her. She usually ended up meeting up with this person later in the night, when a celebration would be taking place.

Alucardia began hearing word of her loose sister when Jayxen had become friendly with both factions. They sent mail to each other, but Allie had not seen Jayxen for months, and she decided it was time to make her a visit. When Allie walked into their shared home, her eyes hit the liquor bottles first. The house was littered with them. It was early in the evening when she arrived, and Allie made dinner before she cleaned the house. Setting aside a portion for Jayxen, Allie began storing the bottles in the shed. She washed them one by one, wondering what time in the morning it would be before here sister came home. The light was shining bright in the sky when Jayxen finally stumbled in, hanging off of a large warrior.

Jayxen's laughter was cut short by Alucardia's presence. "Hello, sister." she giggled. "This is... Nayth..."


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    • Alexis Cogwell profile imageAUTHOR

      Ashley Cogdill 

      3 years ago from Indiana/Chicagoland

      Thank you for reading. :)

    • grand old lady profile image

      Mona Sabalones Gonzalez 

      3 years ago from Philippines

      very interesting first chapter. Good job:)

    • Dana Tate profile image

      Dana Tate 

      3 years ago from LOS ANGELES

      An entertaining read from start to finish. Thank you for sharing. I really enjoyed this.


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