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Jeff's Sonnets

Updated on June 12, 2009

Hope in Winter

Within the darkest night of every soul

When heavy blankets swallow up the light;

The waves of sorrow deep with sadness roll;

Though clouds abound, no “angel’s ray” in sight.

True Hope is light to those lost in such dark;

And Hope is all that guides them through the storm.

Its fire warms the deepest Winter stark

And melts his icy finger’s chilling harm.

A rainbow in the midst of heavy rain;

A smile when there is naught to smile about;

The saddest dirge so full of countless pain

Gives way to Hope, the future not in doubt.

    Hope loves its lover, grasps its grasper to

    Work hope for all believers working true.

Lights in Darkness

Photo by Richard Seldomridge
Photo by Richard Seldomridge


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    Too Much Hurry

    I step out in the brisk of Winter’s day

    With mind so full of schedules yet to keep

    And harried to be off and on my way,

    Forget the peace and quiet of my sleep

    Near halfway in my quest of reaching home

    With eyes set forward ne’er to look behind

    At steps my feet have trudged most oft alone

    The mem’ries of good friends lost to my mind

    But not so you, dear friends, with every thought

    I thank our Father for your tender care

    In sharing all you have whether you aught

    With ones you nary see but in your prayer

         May God with richest blessings bless you two

         As blessing me with being close to you.

    Hitchin' a Ride

    Photo by Richard Seldomridge
    Photo by Richard Seldomridge
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