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The God who Sees - (El Roi)

Updated on June 21, 2014

The God who Sees Us

One of the many names attributed to God is (El-Roi) which when interpretated means The God who sees. I am so glad that He does see all that pertains to His creation. It also grants relief and assurance to know, that God is all seeing, and that nothing and no one escapes the eyes of God, not you or me or anything that affects us, this to me is personal, I hope it is for you too.

This awareness grants me security in knowing that no matter where I am, or what I am doing, and may encounter, there is someone great who sees, and knows what I am experiencing in detail; and is able to render total righteous judgment concerning me.

He sits high, yet, he looks low, real low, and he found me cowering in sin, lost and in need of salvation. I don’t think that He could have looked any lower than sin. He is the God Almighty, yet, He sees us. I have known a false sense of security in wanting others to notice, or see me, and to understand me at one time or another. I can even remember feeling rejected, when I sought to please others, and failed and came up short in production.

Hallelujah! What a wonderful thing it is to be cognizant of the ever abiding presence of God. There is no place that we can hide, where He will not know our where about. There is no place to hide, as in the beginning, to hide under a fig leaf, thinking that nakedness would go unnoticed by an all seeing Creator.

I rejoice in knowing that I do not have to be any specific or special place to witness His omniscience, that He is everywhere present, at the same time. Isn't that an awesome realization? He is Jehovah Shammath (The Lord is present). He would have to be present to see.

Have you ever tried to explain to someone about some detail in your life you went through, such as a trial or some type of a trying time? And, you did your best to give them all the facts, which could enable them to understand just what you went through. Somehow, they just couldn’t understand, they just could not see what you meant. Good news! God was there, He saw the whole situation, and knows and understands just what you had to endure. This realization helps me to trust Him even more, because, not only is He Jehovah Roi , but, He is Jehovah Shammah as well, the God who is there, the omniscient one. He has absolute knowledge of every little fact, even the ones I may have relunctantly omiited in explaining to that person the test or trial I went through.

God has all the facts, and is able to fully judge, and understand me without a doubt. I no longer feel it necessary to depend upon others to assist me in a resolve of my sorted challenges, but, lift up my eyes to the high and lofty one, and I am consoled. I am not saying that I do not need others, I am saying that I have total confidence and trust in Adonai (The Lord). Praise Jesus.

Although I may have sought, or may seek counsel of man/woman. I realize that men/women are still limited, as to solving, and granting me the solution, being finite, we know in part but, God knows it all. We must decide whether we want the whole counsel of God, or the finite counsel of men/woman, ultimately, we must decide. The thing which intrigues me most, is that I am learning, God has the solution, and the ointment needed for whatever ails me. He is Jehovah Rapha (The God which healeth) as well. He is a wonderful counselor, and I compelled to tell it to Jesus, then, stand still and see the salvation of the Lord, He makes me to see as well, I become a seer as I believe in El-Roi, the God who sees.

He sees we need holistic healing

The affects of every trial we have encountered, has left a scar upon our heart and soul. In submission and surrender of our holistic or whole self to the Holy Spirit. We are consistently being transformed, practical application is being administered, and obedience is operative; in compliance with the Word of God when it counsels us, not to be comformed to this world, but, to be transformed by the renewing of my mind.

I am asking Jehovah-Rapha the Lord who heals, to heal me through and through and make me a better person. Heal my emotions, my body, and all of my soul. Everything we experience is another piece of the mystery becoming more of a realistic accomplishment. A cure comes through His Spirit and Word everyday, and I want to hear, so I must listen. Hear counsel and receive instruction, that you may be wise in the latter days is the advise in Proverbs 19:20. It is essential to hear the counsels of the Word to receive the instruction necessary to obtain wisdom for the present as well as for the future.

"And, this is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, who thou hast sent" (John 17:3 KJV).

In this prayer, which is known as the high priestly prayer. Jesus prayed that, eternal life is knowing the only true God and His Christ whom He has sent to redeem us. What is it that we should or need to know concerning the only true God? That He is indeed true and come to know the aspects of His divine nature of which we are made partakers of. We need to know that He sees us and hears us. How can we be a partaker of what we are not aware of and how can it be profitable if we do not listen?

Jesus died to make it possible for us to be able to know the Father. In His life here on earth He was always making reference to the Father, why? To grant us the insight and revelation into the divine character of Him in whom our lives resolve.

We should be mediating daily on who He is to us and in us. It is a personal probe that is translated into a collective reality. For scriptures tell us of a time in which it shal be said, know the Lord, for all shall know me saith the Lord, from the least unto the greatest. When we come together we worship Him because we have come to know him more intimately and as one spirit we offer unto Him praise, honor and glory, why? Because we esteem Him worthy. We are actually joining in with the ever going worship service in heaven with the holy angels which never cease to praise and adore Him unhindered, and our praise is mingled with the blood of Jesus to make our praise acceptable and a sweet smelling savor unto the Father.

He Sees

I am focusing on the aspect of God's divine character as El-Roi “The God who sees” because lately I have been barraged with impressions, Being aware that He sees, compels me to judge righteously. Have you ever judged something, or someone without having all the facts involving the situation, it takes maturity to get to the place of using the energy that you would use to talk to anyone about others and their scenario, and to look up and talk to God about it.

Bless the Lord, that He is teaching me to redeem the time, and channel that energy and change my focus to Him. To look to Him from whence cometh my help and strength and that all my help comes from the Lord, that He is all sufficiency.

I am changed by talking to Him, so that godliness is profitable in all things. He sees my heart and all that is in it, the poverty and splendor, He sees my affliction, struggles, distresses and the fact that He sees makes all the difference.

Victory is not the absence of struggles or distresses, but, it is the realization of the true and living God, the truth concerning Him. The situation may not have changed on iota but, my focus has changed, and my awareness of who He is to me, and in me today is my victory.

Seeing God at work in a life is born under the awareness that He sees. I have not always known that He sees us. When in our deepest hour of need the all seeing eyes of God are upon us all. Our affliction is heard by Him and He hears the ache and cry of our hearts. I don’t think it is possible to truly behold God without first having a revelation of Him seeing you at a time or point in your life when you need to know that someone genuinely cares, and understands what you are going through. this awareness makes me more sensitive to Him and makes me desire to be more sensitive to others.

He understands us holistically and not in a limited and obscure way, but absolutely. It is an inordinate thing to look to others to understand, and see us in my need, when they don’t have the insight, and revelation into who we are totally. It alleviates pressure and stress to have the proper perspective concerning things, This way we don’t put demands on others and they can’t put demands on us. Unless God grants us insight into the lives of others we won’t know.

I have come to know that God knows me better than I know myself, there are times when He reminds me, why I did something, and helps me to better understand my actions and attitudes, Saving me a pretty penny as well in the bills of the psychologist/psychiatrist. When I neglect to acknowledge that God sees my every need it blurs my focus, and warps my perspective. Not only does he see but He knows me, what would take a lifetime on earth to convey to another person through relationship. God is the Kardio Gnostice, which means in Greek, "The Heart Knower" and He is the only one who knows the heart of men/women.

I am so delighted that He knows my heart and the contents therein, because, I can relate to Him based on this knowledge. I don’t have to erect any walls or barriers, because I fear rejection, but I can come forth and open my heart, and He sees it in it’s poverty and splendor, and heals all of my infirmities and helps my potential.

Endlessly, I have tried to give others enough information about myself, to better their understanding of me, but it seems the more information I give them, the less understanding they have of me. At this point in life I find it much easier to be intimate with Him who knows me and everything about me and I find comfort and joy because He is my fortress, my umbrella in the time of storm. I rest him, because I trust Him, I cast upon Him my every care, knowing that he cares for me and loves me with a steadfast love. I thought I knew what a steadfast love was, however, I have come to realize that I knew it in theory not as an ideal or reality.

I remember one day on my way to work, a woman was passing out tracts. I took it and read it on my way to work. It was as if the words literally jumped off the page and into my heart. I read that tract over and over and over again. Then my reasoning joined in and began to assist me, if God loves the world, that means He loves me too, I am a part of the world, I remember feeling such relief. As if a burden had been lifted off of me which was so heavy and I felt peace.

I wanted to know more. I began to read it again, it stated all this was possible through Jesus Christ, and eternal life as well. However, the love that it mentioned just was too mammoth for me to comprehend. To actually receive an invitation to the love of God. There is not a principality or power that could have stolen the word that day. You see God saw me in my moment of despair, and I knew that He was with me and I have never been the same since that day. God’s love is steadfast and it is sure.

The concept of love I believed in shorted out long before my encounter with God, it was merely a theory not a reality, it was an ideal like a star, far from my grasp or reach, it had no lasting value, this theory had failed, but God's love didn't and never shall fail. Accepting Jesus as Savior and Lord is the best decision we could have ever made. Free choice, we made our choice and it is eternal. You can be walking along life's pathway and the God who sees will interrupt you and open blinded eyes to see Him, as well.


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