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Jeremiah began walking at six

Updated on July 30, 2013
Little did i know that i will tell part of his story this way but the fact is that although it seems very impossible at the initial stage.However, Jeremiah has grown bigger and brighter than the problem.

12th of September 2012 was the happiest day in my life, Jeremiah came into this world at exactly 11.40pm and that same day another baby was born 5mins before him and both were the only recorded birth(s) at the hospital that day unlike St Michael clinic which records the highest birth rate daily. Anyway, all was well until the 9th of October. That was when i first noticed the change in his eyes, i also noticed that he wasn't reacting to light unlike previous occasions.

On the noon of the 12th of October,Juan noticed the swollen on his right eye,we called the clinic immediately and rushed him to see Dr. Phil. We met the other family waiting, their baby was growing white wings. Anyway, Jeremiah had a surgery the next day although doctors were unable to give a name to his condition. The surgery worsened his case anyway because he eventually lost the right eye as you can see in the picture.

It became obvious that he will not see,as a mother, i wasn't prepared for that, i don't know how we will take care of him and Juan himself got pissed off because of all the fasting and prayers we did before his conception and delivery, he became mad and could not understand why a one month old baby could go through all Jeremiah was going through.

We however learned that we will rather live with the reality of die sobering, my worries were compounded in what people will think of us. The very first time i went to the pharmacy to pick up his medication,i never expected to leave crying but i heard people whispering and even saw a girl pointing at us and asking her mom 'what was wrong with that baby'.

The road ahead was though because there was no named cause of his problem,doctors were unable to tell us what caused his blindness, there were lots of negative reactions from people and the way they stare at us even at the church became a thing we worked hard to live with.

Something extra ordinary began to twist in his life immediately he clocked six months, unlike every normal baby, Jeremiah began walking at six months and was able to pronounce Mummy, this caused a panicking situation but the more we tried to figured out what was going on, the more twist we saw. Juan walked out from the bathroom and saw Jeremiah lying on the floor of the living room counting his fingers and was pronouncing each letter right...12345!!!

As parents, we decided to sort spiritual help,we took him to our local pastor, he told us about a certain prophet who we actually met the next day. He prayed for Jeremiah and afterwards told us to go home and take good care of the baby that there was nothing wrong with him. He told us that Jeremiah is a messiah and at the right time, his mission will manifest.

We believed him. However,we decided to meet the other family whose baby was growing white wings but the hospital management could not believe it when all effort to retrieve their address from the hospital system was to no avail. No one knows their whereabouts as the babies record mysteriously vanished from the system.

Jeremiah at one year...

...he giggles each time someone point at him, he plays with his cousins and knows each one by his or her name, he prefers fish and vegetable to every other food and doesn't poo on his pampers, he has a way of letting us know that he wants to poo.

My intention of telling part of his story right now is because each time i see him,i know that he is important, our local church have used him for so many fund raise, although i know that Jeremiah has a much tougher road ahead of him but God will forever guide him because i might not be there to witness it all.

I was diagnosed of lungs cancer in May and Juan is the only one caring for Jeremiah at the moment while i battle for survival.


Thank you for reading,we've had tremendous support from friends and family members ever since all these predicaments and by sharing this story here today,i believe that i live a part of me with you.


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