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Jesus loves homosexuals

Updated on June 7, 2015

Everyday, I hear people say I'm a mistake
Growing up knowing being different is something they can't take
Looking at the mirror asking myself why and trying not to feel hate
Going thru identity crisis made me feel desperate

I believe you can't judge something you don't understand
But people can be rude so they can make a stand
Would rudely say being a lesbian is a sin but before you speak do you know the struggles firsthand?
The pain of knowing no one is there to help you while you're mired in the quicksand

The agony, fear, pain, confusion and distress
I don't want to live like this and be a mess
I decided to hide... A safe move rather than to confess
Growing up confused about love that I can't express

Being a lesbian was like diving into an ocean of tears
You can choose to fight, hide or live the life you fear
I chose to hide and I can't explain how painful it was and no one wants to hear
Before I even start explaining the struggles, people covers their ears

I ask my self... Hey! Is this what life has to offer?
Everyday, I have to struggle with my identity and to take cover
It's hard wearing a mask, thinking will I hold my partners hand under the table forever?
Always afraid that one day, she will get tired and leave because I'm broken and light as a feather

Then Jesus came. They say he holds the answer to an undying love this world can't explain
I said "Who is he? Is he someone who would listen & care about my stupid pain?"
If people judge me according to what God has to say would Jesus listen?
People who rudely say I'm a mistake, filthy, immoral and belittle me like a pice of grain

But Jesus has a way to make me understand
That he holds the key to all the answers I find
In a snap he gave me the answers to the questions in my mind
Behold... The mighty king looked at me while smiling very kind

People say it's wrong to be a homosexual, comparing it to an addiction
Saying this with a rude conviction, quoting God's word and their own opinion
But have you ever tried to understand homosexual's frustration?
Don't you think it's better to understand things before you make rude judgement about our situation?

Rather than being rude, have you tried to help us overcome the sin? To know more about God & salvation?
Don't you think that by lovingly sharing the gospel, we will see the truth & not condemnation?
Did the apostles of Jesus rudely say "You're a sinner! You will burn in hell because of abomination!"
No... They sat down and shared God's words with love, gentleness and kindness. Declared what is true and acceptable devotion

I started to pray because that's how I can talk to him dearly
He listened to me with loving silence and touching sincerity
Oh! How I cried when he gave me peace, the gift in him for eternity
He wanted me to tell him how painful it is to be treated differently and kept in captivity

Jesus loves homosexuals but not homosexuality
Hate the sin not the sinner as the saying goes completely
Jesus understands the truth about equality
Above all living and none he is the truth about morality
He is the perfect example of holiness and purity

God did not created me as a lesbian
He created me as a beautiful woman
The devil will try to steal that gift from anyone
Who will not seek her identity from the holy one

Confused? God is not the author of confusion, the devil is the one
Pain? God allows you to feel it for a greater outcome
Love? Love is God, God is Love. Love is not Lust, don't confuse Lust with Lovesome
Acceptance? God knows who you are and the devil will try to steal the perfect plan of what you can become.

The truth about homosexuality is in Jesus, our savior
Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. Come to him and you will find favor
Your identity is with Christ, he waits for your endeavor
Don't be afraid, he loves homosexuals. Don't be afraid of your creator.

I was a lesbian and now a Christian
Repent and come to him to find life and salvation, you won't regret your decision
Jesus lives in me, has done miracles can't be understood by man
Jesus made me understand the definition of being a true woman
It's when you surrender your identity to Gods plan and acknowledge that he is your master, king and creator and you're only human.



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