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Job's Little Sister

Updated on May 11, 2016

Job’s little sister

By Candace Brown

I would like to say I am fairly just

With bumps and bruises

Lining the inside of my heart

The mistakes of Abandonment at birth

Causing this alternate reality

Where I can exist

While being touched by adult hands

The way other men like little girls

But still fighting to become more than

A pole diva belting down tequila

Every time I realize that loneliness

Can even happen to the Prom Queen

Marry one to fight

And Marrying two to love

While both issued me the thing I really wanted

Wanting a family to call my own

My own family now involves a wife in law

That leaves me abandoned again

With four mouths to feed no home no help

Mother Dead

Her family allowed me to disappear

Like the disposable human I am

Helping as many helpless and hurt that I can

Some say hurt people hurt people

This hurt person trust’s God and smiles

Through the first half of my life







Until the doctor calls and says

Your journey now has changed

With no one to hold my hands

I grip my right breast

And I say what will be will be now take this thing away

How hard will this be in this Forest type journey?

Is this how God intends me to be free?

With no one to hold my hand

While Pink ribbons are thrust upon me

So if I lose this fight

Been fighting all my life

Just know that I was the greatest Fighter of all time


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