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Lonewolf Supernatural Hunter: Volume 1 (Chapter 2)

Updated on November 7, 2015

Lonewolf Supernatural Hunter: Volume 1

I was successful I lived up to my promise, I was able to help Lola reach safety, at least for the moment.

My safety was a different story. I was still very much in danger, I was still on the run and the hell hounds were drawing closer and closer.

Six wolves ran down a long hill just twenty feet from Resurrection Hill Cemetery I could see Lola inside the mausoleum and I wondered if she could see me?

The fence that marked the property lines did not slow down the hell hounds. The wolves leaped over the fence with no trouble at all. I kept running, breathing hard, huffing and puffing and my arms swinging high and low in a forward and back motion. I ran like a marathon runner in the dead of night. I slipped and I turned from side to side, but I did not fall, I would not let myself fall. I was determined to maintain my balance and I did.

The wolves smelled my scent and tracked me like GPS. Those blood thirsty sons of bitches they did not fall. The hell hounds just kept on coming just as fast as they could.

I took a quick look at the mausoleum and I noticed Lola was correct, the eyes of the beasts were demon red. The wolves possessed the eyes of the devil. The wolves must be demon dogs from hell because I never seen wolves like these before, the wolves eyes were the kind of eyes you only seen in movies.


I knew I wasn't going to make it in time so I quickly ducked and slid behind a big and tall grave stone.

The grave stone was a statue of Jesus. I thought to myself at least the lord was standing before me hiding me from my attackers. I knew this cover would not last long, I knew the hell hounds would sniff me out tracking my scent. The Blood thirsty beasts from hell were hot on my trail.

From inside the mausoleum Lola gripped the metal bars as hard as she could. The bars were cold, cold as ice. Lola was looking for me, she was worried for my safety and wondered where I was located. Obviously she could not see me after all. Lola made a grave mistake she called out into the darkness, she called for me,

"Lonewolf, where are you?"

When Lola called for me Lola gave away her location, the wolves heard Lola's call and three of them ran to her destination.

Quickly I yelled,

"Lola, Lock the gate, lock the gate, lock the gate, the wolves are on their way!"

When I yelled I narrowed down my location as well. Three wolves were headed in my direction now, but I did not care because I was concerned for Lola's safety and not my own.

Lola called for me,

"Lonewolf where are you, get in here!"


I stood up for a second and turned my head keeping my back against the tombstone.

"Lola, Lock the gate, I will be fine and I will be there as soon as I can. Just do what I say!"

Lola finally did what she was told and knelt back down only to notice three hell hounds just a few feet away.

Adrenalin pumped through my veins as one of the three wolves stepped forward wearing a snarl look on its face.

The wolves eyes squinted and its jaw opened for the attack and its front paw swooshed some dirt. I quickly stood up and prepared for the attack. I gave my opponent the thousand yard stare as I gripped my survival knife tight. The wolf quickly eyed up the shiny blade, but did not back down, within seconds the wolf ran, jumped and leaped into the air. I counter attacked with fast reflexes. The wolf landed on me as I fell backwards on my back hitting a corner of the grave stone.

Colliding with the tombstone caused a great deal of pain as you can imagine, but not as much pain as the wolf felt as my knife pierced the flesh of the beast. The wolf began to howl in pain and found the strength to sink its teeth into my flesh. I pulled my knife out of the hell hounds chest.

As I pulled the blade from the chest of the beast blood oozed out of its vessel and dripped onto the ground.

My knife was covered in blood and the blood cover my hand.


The wolf twitched and turned, screamed and howled, as the other two wolves ran and jumped with quick stride.

I quickly lifted my knife into the air, my knife entered the left side of the second wolfs skull and blood flowed quickly as the wolf fell to the ground.

The third wolf quickly jumped upon me and bit my leg drawing more blood. I acted quickly and stabbed the third wolf injuring the beast.

The third wolf quickly retreated and ran off to the east, the first and second wolf opened their jaw for one last howl of pain while Demons ascended from the werewolf’s’ mouth.

The Demons from the werewolves ascended into the darkness. I lifted my head and watched the demons fade into the midnight sky. My jaw dropped in amazement, I had never seen anything like this before and I knew my life would never be the same after this incident.

The demons disappeared and I began to tend to my wounds, I used my knife to cut more cloth from my shirt and wrapped up my wounds. While I tended my wounds I heard Lola scream. The hell hounds were still guarding the gate to the mausoleum. I began to wonder just how long the gate would keep the wolves out.

I stood up and called out into the dead of night,

"Lola are you OK?"

The wolves from hell just kept banging on that gate growling and barking, Lola did not give a reply.


I began to limp my way over to the mausoleum and I called out once again,

"Lola are you safe, are you still alive!"

Lola responded,

"Lonewolf, they are outside of the mausoleum and they will not leave. I do not know what to do, it is creepy in here and I need your help, get your ass over here now!"

Lola said as she yelled out a rectangular opening on the left side wall. The opening looked a lot like a window.

I continued to leap and walk over to the mausoleum the best I could, I knelt by a grave stone only ten feet from where Lola was, I knew I did not have the strength to take on all three for I was injured.

I quickly came up with a plan and I told Lola,

"Lola, I want you to distract them from the entrance, so I can gain access to the mausoleum!"

This was easier said than done and I knew this and Lola questioned it, Lola was unsure what to do,

"John, how am I supposed to distract the wolves? You’re talking crazy again!"

Lola said to me in a frantic state.

I replied to Lola,

"Lola, I want you to go to the square opening with the prison bars and stay there. While you are at the opening make a lot of noise!"


I was not sure if this would work, but it would definitely be worth a try.

Lola did what I asked and moved over to the opening, she called out into the dead of night,

"Lonewolf I’m over here, I'm at the opening, can you see me Lonewolf and can you hear me!"

Lola was doing very well she just kept calling my name and making her location known. The wolves were on the move they changed their destination within minutes.

The wolves ran to the left side wall of the mausoleum, the dumb sons of bitches left the entrance wide open for me to sneak into the mausoleum. Phase one of my plan was complete.

It was time for phase two. I continued to walk over, step by step, inch by inch, foot by foot, I was on my way. I looked to the right and I looked to the left, the coast was clear. Everything was going as planned.

It was easy, it was too easy and that scared me. Everything was perfect and that is why it did not feel right.

It was quiet, to quiet, nothing is this easy and nothing is this perfect. I kept on walking, inch by inch, step by step and foot by foot, I became closer and closer. I was only six feet away, when... ((Snap))

"Damn it!"

I said stepping on a twig revealing my location.


One of the wolves heard the sound and left the other two wolves behind.

Quickly I ran over two the mausoleum and approached the gate. I stopped for one quick moment and turned my head to the right, it was at that moment I noticed the Hell hound running like a demon from hell.

The wolf slid around the right side corner of the mausoleum, kicking dirt and dust.

The dust from the wolf sliding around the corner ascended into the air.

The werewolf stared at me growling with saliva dripping from its evil snout.

The wolf eyed me up with its beady red eyes, barking at me.

I can only imagine what the wolf's bark meant. Obviously something in its native tongue, but chances are no mortal man will ever translate it into words, but I was sure it had something to do with killing me.

I was dinner for the hell hounds. One human male served rare with all the trimmings. I decided to welcome the beasts challenge, it was not like I had a choice.

I looked at the werewolf and said,

"Come on you son of a bitch, let’s get this party started!"

It was not long after my statement until the beast growled and took a step forward running and leaping into the air, I pulled my knife out for the attack.


I gripped my knife with every ounce of strength I had and the sound of the knife ((whisked)) in the breeze as I swung my blade into the air Slicing and jabbing the wolf, the beast landed on my knife and the knife cut into the werewolf's stomach. The beast hit the ground after I withdrew the blade from the werewolf's body, the beast landed before me ((thump!)).

The next werewolf reared its fearless head and stared at me with the intent to kill and I stared back at the relentless beast.

It was a stare down. The question was who would attack first.

The werewolf barked not once but twice and then suddenly turned and ran away.

The werewolf retreated, I could believe it!

...what just happened? I could not help but wonder why it surrendered to me.

Did the hell-hound fear me or did I earn its respect?

I am sure I will never know, but I am safe for the moment. The whole situation was quite odd.

It was something I'll never fully understand.

I turned my body to the left and faced the gate. I tried to open it.

The gate was locked, the damn thing was locked. Even if I would have tried to get inside the mausoleum before my predator tried to attack me I would have failed and I would have been food for the damn beast.


I tugged three or four times and the gate made a clanking sounds...

((Clank, Clank, Clank)) I tugged again ((Clank, Clank, Clank))

"Lola let me in!"

I yelled just as loud as I could and before long Lola came running as fast as she could.

When Lola reached the gate she raised her hand and unlocked the gate.

I opened the gate just as fast as I could. Lola stepped back and I stepped inside.

Quickly I closed the gate and the gate made a slamming sound ((Slam))

I was finally safe, Lola and I were out of danger.


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