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Updated on May 12, 2010

Johnny as we fondly call him was a man of the people,always there for everyone,never supported any form of oppression or intimidation.He grew up to be a force for the people and the most trusted friend he has both as a kid and as a man is the Mother.

Johnny as a kid
Johnny as a kid
Johnny and Mom
Johnny and Mom

John as a kid was talk of the town,everyone liked him and he was what people will attribute to a god in human form.

He grew up to be a man who fought for others,he believe in oneness and treated everyone equally no matter class or creed.He has this ability to speak any where and even where great men tremble to speak,he was the voice of the oppressed.

The voice of the poor

The voice of the abandoned

The voice of the people...

Johnny counts everyone very important in the society,his belief is that we all are here for a purpose,the poor has sometime to deliver and the rich as well...

His Mother is his most trusted and the bond they both shared is extra ordinary,that kind of bond is the one i wish every son and mother because in return for his true love towards his mother,he was crowned by her with the most amazing,unconditional and radical love one cannot comprehend.

If all sons and mothers will be like Johnny and his mom,then there will be no more war and pains in this world.

If all men will have a heart like that of Johnny,there will be peace on Earth.

You see, Johnny was the man of the people,his kind of democracy is the kind Angels will recommend for mankind...

Johnny was a good man.

The saying goes this way;

"Nothing good lasts forever".

It is true that good things do not last because there came a night i will call a night of a thousand tears,it was a night of sorrow and pains for mankind...

It was the worst night

Explaining to her was

A passerby who saw

Johnny's mother crying

How can she comprehend

What happened to her good son

How can someone shoot this man

Johnny was a good man

But this night is a course

An innocent man is killed

Ah ah ahhhh ah ah ah

Johnny was a good man

Good man,Johnny was a good man.

He was shot while helping a woman who was being attacked by a male associate,people ignored him as he lay helpless nursing a gunshot wound,some paused and left while others keep walking,he simply intervened to help another but his fate is a message of humanity.

How can she comprehend

Oooo oh Johnny was a good man

Johnny was was a good good man


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