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Woodcutter Jokes of the YesterYears but still Humorous ! Read to believe !!

Updated on December 31, 2012

Woodcutter and the Axe !!

Once in a village there lived a woodcutter and his wife. The woodcutter would daily go to the forest and cut woods and sell them as fire woods to make his living.

So he used to live hand to mouth, still was happy with his life along with his wife.

One fine day when he was cutting wood from a tree near by a pond, the Axe slips from his hand and falls into the pond.

Seeing his only source of life going away the woodcutter becomes sad and starts crying on the side of the pond. Suddenly a bright light flashes and the Pond God appears with a Silver Axe in his hands.

Seeing the Pond God the woodcutter greets the God with due respect. The God says, don't cry here is your Axe keep it. Seeing the silver Axe the woodcutter says, it's not mine.

The Pond God again goes into the Pond and this time returns back with a Gold Axe. Again the woodcutter humbly says; it's not mine.

Seeing this the Pond God goes back again and comes with the Iron Axe, recognsing his Axe the woodcutter happily accepts it. Seeing the Woodcutters honest and subtle nature, the Pond God blesses him with all three, Silver, Golden and his original Iron Axe.

The Woodcutter accepts them as Gods Blessing and happily goes back to his home.

After a year of the fortunate incident, he and his wife once again pass by the same Pond and the woodcutter stops and starts narrating the incident to his wife.

While listening to the story, the wife sees a honey bee flying towards her and runs in panic and fall into the pond.

Seeing this the woodcutter again becomes sad and starts crying at his fate that he has lost his wife.

Soon the Pond God again appears with a beautiful lady (perfect shape and beauty at its best) with him and asks the woodcutter, here is your wife take her with you.

Seeing the beautiful lady being not his wife the woodcutter thinks for a moment and then says; Thank you God, she is my wife I will take her with me.

Listening to this the God becomes furious and says; A year back you were honest and truthful and now after getting wealth you became a liar and greedy person.

The woodcutter bends down humbly and says; God I know she is not my wife but if I would have denied taking her, you would have gone back and come with more beautiful lady the second time and after denying her too, you would come back with my wife. And when I would have accepted my wife, you would have praised me and given me the other two lady too, which would be a disaster for me in this Economy :) .. In this economy where maintaining one wife itself is so difficult how can I have three :D

Listening to this the Pond God laughs and gets his wife back and blesses them both.

Please leave me comment if you liked this story :)

Thanks !!


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    • mr-veg profile image

      mr-veg 5 years ago from Colorado United States

      Thanks for the appreciation ! Good that I was able to bring smiles to you !!

    • CrisSp profile image

      CrisSp 5 years ago from Sky Is The Limit Adventure

      Lol! Very funny! I enjoyed it. Thanks for the good read. Voted up, funny and sharing.