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Joker: Why So Many People Can Relate

Updated on April 20, 2019

The Joker is the Every Man


I make it no secret that I despise the Joker's character. I find nothing about his character to be appealing. To be charismatic. To be compelling. To be...Special.

All it takes is just - and most people would end up like "The Joker". He is exactly right when he says this in "The Killing Joke". And this is what prompted me to start to think, and then realize, why The Joker is so popular.

See, most people will NEVER be Batman, but...they CAN be the Joker.

So in this article, I will explain why the Crown JACKASS Prince of Crime "The Joker" is so well-loved and why he sits at the top of the number one villain's list for so long. And just to give you a hint.

It's not because he's specials it's because he is like so many people.

Pay Attention To Me


So, I can hear many people right now. That's so mean. Not everyone is going out and murdering thousands. You're right. But what I am talking about when I say The Joker represents so many people in his...irrationality.

His fixation on one person (Batman), his mistreatment of someone who loved him (Harley), and his JEALOUSY (of the Robins).

You may say "Who am I to say this?"

Just a guy. Just a guy who doesn't like the Joker and what he represents.

The Joker represents Chaos.

He NEEDS the attention of Batman. He goes to extreme lengths just to get the attention of Batman and will do anything...ANYTHING to get his attention. From killing small kids to paralyzing women to destroying cities to forcing people like Superman to become perhaps in my mind the single greatest villain in all of DC (but that is a topic for another day) - and of course, I am talking about the epic and brilliant Injustice storyline.

My god, to sidetrack for a second that story - the first five years - needs to have a college course; no hyperbole.

Just saying. What a brilliant storyline.

However, I digress.

See Joker, In my mind, is like a small child who wants attention from mommy and daddy. He is the crazed lover who wants his perceived lover's attention. He is a narcissistic individual who demands the attention of a person, and when they don't get it, then there will be hell to pay. He is the bipolar disorder individual who sees the world in black or white.

The Joker, and again I reiterate, represents the common man; which is why he is so relatable.

A Man Looking For Purpose


"We all loved him (Batman). We wanted him to love us." - Joker

Joker is nothing more than a person trying to find meaning and purpose in life, and he does so only by fixating on Batman. He is like a small boy who likes his crush. Instead of doing something sweet for her what does he do? He pulls her hair. He name calls her. He makes her life as miserable as possible.

Joker has even said on a few occasions how much he loves Barman. Let's look at the recent marriage story arc where Batman and Catwoman were to be married.

What did he say to Catwoman after she said: "None of you NEVER knew him?"

Joker words: "You? He created me. Chaos for his Order. I killed his Robin. I killed thousands for him. I gave him meaning. I held him as the rain came and we laughed. I hurt him. I know him."

Joker...again I must reiterate in every sense of the word is the common man. The "every man."

He is so freaking delusional.

He is the insecure dumbass who thinks that because his life is messed up -- that the whole world has to suffer as a result.



It is by no means uncommon for people who want attention from someone they like to do things to hurt them.


Because in their twisted minds, like The Joker, they think if hurting someone they want attention from... that they will be loved.

Like small children.

"I don't care what attention you give me. Just give me...attention."

A Common Man Who Thinks He Special


Everything about the Joker is common. Everything about the Joker is base. everything about the Joker screams "I'M NOT SPECIAL and YOU ALL HAVE TO SUFFER AS A RESULT."

He is no genius. He is no one of a kind character. He is nothing...special. He is just common, and he represents the worse that we can be.

For so many people The Joker is them. Being a bad person is easy. Being a jackass is easy. Being insecure is easy. Being needy is easy. Being thirsty (and Joker is thirsty for Batman) is easy. It is easy to abuse someone who loves you - feeling you are just deserving of it. How many people act like this?

You probably know some people like that or live with someone like that.

These narcissistic or bipolar individuals.

And just to sidetrack... BPD IS A MENTAL DISORDER.


I know how messed up it can be for families and the person who has it.

Being a narcissist is a trait and that gets NO SYMPATHY FROM ME.

This idiotic notion - and I will say it is RIDICULOUSLY IDIOTIC - of girls claiming to be someone's Harley or "that's my Joker" -- only better proves my point.

WARNING: I am going to be crass for a second.

Why do people think that in hurting someone, or being hurt by someone, that you love them or you are being loved?

Yes, I know some people are brought up like that and I am not calling them stupid (because they are who they are because of their conditioning) but for people who WILLFULLY go out there and search for someone like that.




The Joker is loved because he represents what so many people are.

Batman is such a legend because he represents what we 'could be' if we put in some effort to be great.

Joker is the dream killer that you deal with in life. Joker is the abusive lover man or woman (because women can be abusive as well) that we may be in a relationship with. Joker is the small child who draws on the wall asking for attention from his parents.

Joker is just...a joke.

And he is nothing special.

Sound off in the comments because I am sure there are some who disagree. Let's have a civil debate and explain to me why you think he is special or if you agree then let me know what you agreed about.

I would love to hear your thoughts.

Do You Agree With Me?

Do You Agree With Me?

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    • Xavier Ludwig profile imageAUTHOR

      Xavier Ludwig 

      19 months ago from Wherever I feel like

      Thanks bro. I appreciate that.

      Are you a fan of the Joker?

      My personal favorite "villain" and villain is subjective here is Ras Al Ghul.

      I understand where he is coming from sometimes. He has a reason and a motive.

      Joker...Joker is just like everyone to me. I want attention. WAHHH!!!!!

      So I will kill people to get it.

      That is so...irrational and something that people do.

      If you get the chance - read my article on Batman and his standards are they irrational or rational?

    • JohnsTrivia profile image

      John Smith 

      19 months ago from New York

      Hah, a weird and interesting thinking. It was a good read, thanks!


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