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Jokes part 3

Updated on May 31, 2011

Jokes part 3

A student felt sleepy in a lecture class on histology that he, at times, dozed off. He wanted the lecture to end so that he can go home and sleep. Consequently the student seems to get annoyed. The lecture was interesting and other more serious students enjoyed it. The histology lecturer went ahead to discus the histology of the stomach and he mentioned the various tunics like tunica mucosa, sub mucosa, muscularis, and serosa and their descriptions. Then he talked about the major gastric glands and the different secretion and locations.

The lecturer asked, “Any questions before I continue?”

The student, who had dozed off often, raised his hand and started, “I read somewhere…” the lecturer interrupted him, “in your sleep, I know you have been dozing and I asked you why you are dozing you said, that is how your eyes normally look. I just asked to know if you read it in your sleep”

“No, I read it somewhere” “okay continue” the lecturer said.

“This may not be histology but I just want to ask to be sure. I read somewhere that our stomach changes color when we are angry”

The lecturer looked at him and asked, “Is it after staining the stomach for histological observation?”

“No! I think it is without staining because I wonder the color of my stomach now”

“Oh then, it is not histology because I will have to stain your stomach to know if there is any color change.”


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    • davidkaluge profile image

      davidkaluge 3 years ago

      Sure, a Doctor understands the joke better

    • profile image

      bobby 3 years ago

      Lovely, for anatomy students

    • profile image

      Ross 5 years ago

      Not funny in the slightest!