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Journey For The Day (2004)

Updated on September 21, 2013

Journey for The Day

When I was in, all mysteries were akin

Though I was blessed, a void was harnessed

So I got out, and felt less in doubt

With cold breeze gushing, busy morning started rushing

And as I passed on song, the day passed along

The Sun smiling above, on my thoughts bestowing love

Working out of my husk, on the threshold of dusk

I set out to return, from Solar to Saturn

On the same path, that marked my Sabbath

Of small journeys plenty, in the life so scanty

Walking the orange sky, blushing and feeling shy

Capturing nature on the way, inspired by windy maples sway

Sweet harmony of Church bells ringing, voicing my divinity into singing

The rest of it as they say, all that is was for the day

What comes ahead? ‘What will be? Que sera sera’ as I see


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