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Journey Past The Horizon (2006)

Updated on September 21, 2013

Journey Past The Horizon

The sun peeks from the horizon, and I stare

My eyes tear away the hopeful glare

I wonder when it’ll set on me waiting

I wonder when I’ll take my eyes off the setting

It’s just the day gliding past the period

While I contemplate moments myriad

Of what is that taketh away the abundance

Are these the flashes of subtle trance

They project a faint rainbow of utopia

Though no one could comprehend this aria

Slithering off the dicey mind’s vale

The ripened doubts the destiny of stale

Like each riverbank envying the other

Notwithstanding the jeopardy in lather

I gave unto the joy beyond my purview

I attained the light at the zenith anew


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