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Journey of a vagrant soul

Updated on March 15, 2011

I have,

soared through empty skies

found truth in blatant lies

seen hatred in loved-ones' eyes

sought wisdom in madness

traded joy for sadness

made fortunes from misery

fought battles and waged wars

liberated ideas and rescued thoughts,

from the slavery of mind

escaped from reality and vanished

recreated hope from ashes

stopped the hands of time

lost myself to be found again

tresspassed on unknown terrainsĀ 

trampled on treachearous plains

stomped through desert and snow

and chased my derailed path,

back to you.


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    • h.a.chauhdary profile image

      h.a.chauhdary 6 years ago from Australia

      thanks for stopping by and leaving kind words of appreciation. i hope you like the rest as well.

    • La Papillon profile image

      La Papillon 6 years ago from Melbourne, Australia

      You are a talented poet h.a.chauhdary ;)

      Lovely piece. Now I'm off to read the rest of your poems.

      Cheers, Louise ;)

    • h.a.chauhdary profile image

      h.a.chauhdary 6 years ago from Australia

      @ mislee and ben: thank you so much. i find myself truly honored to have my work appreciated by great writers like you.

    • BenWritings profile image

      BenWritings 6 years ago from Save me from, Tennessee

      very very nice man

      you have some captivating work

      glad I found ya via the forums

    • profile image

      misslee 6 years ago from Beverly Hills, CA

      Everytime I think you cannot inspire me any greater than you have before, your words touch me on an even deeper level, thank you, your fan forever...