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Journey to Victory

Updated on August 6, 2017
Missing Wanderer profile image

Creating poem is one of my hobbies. I wanted to share them so I look for a site to do it.


How far must one go?

We don’t really have to know

The limitation of one’s own destination

Is not real and merely created by one’s own imagination

The thing that limits us

Is the fear we have experienced from the past

It dwells within us and stays longer

If not faced early it might stay forever

Why do we have fear about something?

What is it that we keep avoiding?

What is it that holds us back?

Can’t we fight life fearlessly with skills and luck?

They say “what doesn’t kiss you makes you stronger”

Then surviving a lot of pain would make you strong enough to conquer

Improve your strength and overcome your weaknesses

While traveling the path to righteousness

It’s okay to take time planning your action

To prepare for every consequences is a wise decision

But to gamble your resources in battle

Risks is part of your war to gain a title

If you ever encounter a strong contender

Don’t be afraid, never waver

For you have face a lot of struggles

I am certain you learned a lot from your battles

If this contender is hard to oppose

Flee for now, train, the battle still goes

A defeat isn’t the end of your journey

You can still make a comeback gloriously

The time you spent on your journey is not important

It is what you do to achieve what you want

To rise up above others with your respect and dignity

That is what can’t be done by everybody


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