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Joyful Like a Bird

Updated on January 5, 2017

Do You Have A Feathertude?

I am not a “Morning Person”. Because of this, it usually takes me a couple hours of being vertical before I am actually ... fluffed and fully alert. I could learn a lot about being more observant, especially from the small little creatures that fill the air and trees all around me.

Birds seem to always be observant of what’s going on around them. They can spot someone dropping a french fry in a parking lot from across the lot. They brighten, the often dull atmosphere, with their singing at all times of the day. They face the odds and come out winning against the freezing, wet weather. Have you ever seen how they ... group together ... on wires to stay warm? We could all learn a lot from the attitude of birds. I call it “Feathertude”.


Develop a "Feathertude"
Develop a "Feathertude" | Source

Small Creatures - Big Lessons

How is it, something so small, in comparison to a human being, can bring about a bright spot and change my attitude about the day, simply by going about it’s daily activities?

There’s a bird that lives near my housetop that often welcomes the day with it’s singing, as I’m leaving my home in the mornings. It always brings a smile to my heart and I find myself saying “good morning you happy little creature”. Often, when I’m leaving my work place at the end of a busy day, I’m greeted with a serenade of a few birds as they are making plans for their evening. During these little blessings, my attitude is changed as I take a deep breath and am more thankful of the little things in my life, that are placed there by a loving God.


Spring Can't Get Here Soon Enough

At this writing, it’s the end of January and the weather has been unusually cold this year, for we Southerners in Memphis. We’re just not used to the temps getting down to single digits...very often that is. Why, I don’t even have wardrobe for this kind of weather. My couple of sweaters are beginning to look worn out and I know my co-workers are tired of seeing me in them.

But, I feel we are lucky, when I hear every day, all that’s going on around the whole country. Thankfully, at least we’re not having minus 0 deep freeze temperatures here!

An Ordinary Morning Suddenly Changes

I share this little tidbit about the weather because what I witnessed this very cold morning was short of amazing, to me at least! It was 16 degrees at 8:30 a.m. when I drove through my usual fast food breakfast spot. Just as I was turning into the speaker lane, I noticed, near the trash dumpsters, 5-6 birds having a grand ole time. They were fluttering their little wings and dancing around in a pothole filled with a few cups of water the sun had created from some broken ice. It was, as if they couldn’t splash the water enough, in all their happiness. I would expect to see birds drinking from a spot like this, but to be bathing so joyously, in these frigid temps, was an unexpected, delightful surprise. When I got the to the pick up window, I just had to share this surprise with the friendly face that usually greets me. She smiled and said she was going to look out the door and check it out. I then decided, I had to drive around again, to watch these delightful little creatures, for a few more brief moments, before making my way back into the traffic and the busyness of my life.

What An Impact Something Small Can Make

The whole thing got me thinking about “Thankfulness and Contentment”. It set me to pondering how something, so small and always around us, could have an impact on me and hopefully others too. Why is it, the birds can be so positive in a situation that we humans can only ... grumble and complain about?

At this point, I got to really thinking about this insightful privilege ... this benefit granted just to me ... to enjoy. Like a light-bulb going off, I became fully aware and clearly understood ... birds and countless other creatures ... other than humans that is ... know ... without a doubt, they are VALUABLE to their creator.

Embrace Life!

So, as you go about your busy lives, decide to approach all things with a “Feathertude”. Be Thankful for who you are and where you are ... at this very moment in time. Rest assured things will work out for the best, because you have been created by a God that values you ... for who you are!

Embrace life! Play in the rain and sing out loud!



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    • PaisleeGal profile imageAUTHOR

      Pat Materna 

      7 years ago from Memphis, Tennessee, USA

      Ms Dora ... thanks so much for the comments.. we can learn much from the birds around us .

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 

      7 years ago from The Caribbean

      Thanks for sharing this message of joy. The birds don't have a care; and they don't ask for much. They appreciate even a small puddle of melted ice. There is our lesson in contentment. Thank you, Pat.

    • profile image


      7 years ago Feathertude


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