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Judging a fool

Updated on November 12, 2015

Human psyche

We are all guilty on occasion of judging a person on first sight.if your instincts are good you may be pretty accurate.there's always the one you get wrong.I used to be quite opinionated,I was always quick to cast aspersions on first sight of a person.i found more often than not,I was wrong.I learned over the years to meet and take people on face value. As is the way in life,you may judge people quite harshly,but don't forget the chances are your being judged as well.

Some People.

Judging an fool.

How do you judge,whoever is a fool
Look at their life,they're a total tool.
Do they do daft things,annoy other people
Do we avoid these irritating people.
I think we should,avoid the twat
They've been brought up as a annoying brat.
Blame they're mum,or blame they're dad
There's always an excuse,they say it's a fad.
People are always ready,to give an excuse
For constant harassment,late night abuse.
A good old fashioned,kick up the arse
Then they'll find mummy's love being a bit sparse
Getting punished for doing they're wrongs
Getting good people some justice,an old familiar song.
They go to court,not responsible or old enough
Stick them in a jail cell overnight,time for tough love.
They will think twice,about being a knob
After all that,they'll get a proper job.
We are too soft as a society as a whole
That's why people crack up,kids never have a goal.


Daft can cut both ways.

sometines daft people are good to laugh at,then after a while the human intellect gets bored.that's when you start to look for another source to foist yor laughter on.its not always a nice thing to do,or the proper way to act,but unfortunately the human condition occasionally let's you down and you laugh at things you might normally not laugh at,after this you might even feel a little ashamed of yourself.

Money worries.

Do friends amuse.

Friends are so varied.some are humerous,some more serious,some very touchy feely,some very stand would be very boring if all your friends acted the same.Some are open to confide in you when needed,others are very private and it's like pulling out teeth trying to get them to talk. At the end of the day,if your the type of person who is a good listener,it's certain that people will feel comfortable talking to you.

Me the fool.

Poking the animal.

Sometimes good intentions fall by the way side.over my short life I like to think I may have helped some people out of tricky situations,sometimes your good intentions have the opposite effect.the goodness you gave out backfires spectacularly and turns to badness directed at you.It one of these things you need to assess on its merits,if the situation is tricky it might require a different approach than what you would normally do.

Telling off.

If your friend is acting really badly , do you take them aside and talk to them.will they even listen or take offence if you do.sometimes the old saying is very wise.(if in doubt,say nowt).If your friend is in one of those moods through alcohol abuse or whatever he's took,get him out of the situation as soon as is humanly possible.Talking through experience,if ignored the situation inevitably blows out of control.

Importance of aquantances

Never underestimate the importance of good might think the lone wolf life is good,but inevitably you do need to rely on people at some stage of your pays to be open minded sometimes.It does no harm to have good aquantances,good friends,trusted family,each can be as equally important as each other at times.

If your friend is making a big mistake.

If you know your friend is heading for disaster.What do you do?

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