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A Special Friend

Updated on April 18, 2015

A Special Friend

God gave me a friend, oh what a joy she was

But she was only given for awhile to

Help me adjust to my new surroundings in

A country far away from home

Then on day she went to be god’s special angel

But she will always walk beside me in spirit and

Never be forgotten

for so long i felt i could not bear the pain of losing my

best friend

Then god sent me a special friend to share the love and

Laughter that friendship beings.

She help me to accept my loss and to help me accept

Life again without my special friend.

She needed my friendship as much as i needed hers

She’s a beautiful person and she helped me to grow

Special friends in the truest form are hard to find

And i thank god he sent me two of them to share the love,

laughter and the joys that friendship brings.

She could never take the place of the dear friend i lost

But she came into my life when i needed her

Friendship the most to help ease the pain of my loss

Judy ritchie-ramirez

Written 1978

This was a very special and stressful time in my life and in the lives of my family. We enjoyed our tour, but the loss of this dear friend marred that part of our lives forever.

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