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The Adventures of Julie's chair

Updated on August 29, 2017
Penelope Bucket profile image

Penelope Bucket attended many creative writing courses in community college. She was an A+ student in writing and communication courses

A simple chair

I am a camp chair an amazing camp chair, I must say so for myself. I fold up and I go where you take me. You humans all look forward to sitting upon me and I have an incredibly very special feature, I have a table attachment. I have noticed that this great feature which is part of me causes, humans to covet and borrow me from one another sometimes without asking. I believe that you all call that stealing but for me it truly is wonderful for I am wanted by all.


I was purchased by Julie,she grabbed me up and took off with me and I have had many exciting adventures with her. Julie has taken me on many amazing trips and I have enjoyed them all. Sitting by different rivers listening to the sounds of the rapids. Lounging by the campfires eating scrumptious dinners and having a drink or two. Relaxing after a busy camp day fighting off the mosquito's. Then sweet blissful rest in the garage between trips.

One beautiful fine June day there was Julie grabbing up items and packing the car for a trip and so Julie took me on trip to Oregon. My canvas met many fine bottoms and I listened to lots and lots of secret conversations and others not so secret. I prefer to listen to the secret ones, so delicious knowing all those secrets.

At this particular outing so many of the humans there wanted to sit on me and use my table that I was borrowed or stolen you could say quite often.

So Julie began to keep a very close watch over me, carrying me wherever she went and putting me in her tent when she did not need to carry me about. We spent five wonderful days together at this camping event.



On the final day after the event was over Julie was packing up to leave. I was borrowed (stolen) again right before her very eyes while Julie was stuffing her car and saying goodbye to everyone she knew. I SUDDENLY realized that she had NOT noticed that I was NOT in the car with her! She must be very distracted with all the goodbyes and hugging that seemed to be happening.

I was being sat upon by someone receiving gifts and beautiful words, they were great to hear and I was enjoying myself until I realized I might be left behind. How do I get Julie to notice that I am not in the car? So I made myself uncomfortable to the person sitting upon me who ended having shift around a few times, ha ha I made you uncomfortable!

"Julie ooooh Julie, over here look over here! I am over here you are supposed to pack me and take me with you!" She just doesn't feel me, she just doesn't see me. What is a camp chair to do?

"Oh no, she is saying goodbye and getting into the car the person sitting on me even turns around and waves to her shouting goodbye. She looked right at me and still did not see me. She is leaving me behind, what kind of life will I have now? Will I be just left here and forgotten? Will others care for me the way Julie does, even though I spend much of my time in the garage? So many questions and no answers.

Adventure begins

So my Adventure begins, my search to find Julie and my way home. I traveled far and wide and my adventures became so fun that I soon realized I did not wish to return to the garage in between trips. I now wished to continue traveling the road.


The Ocean

I soon found myself by the ocean, wind and waves and birds flying overhead. What a beautiful place. I parked myself in the parking lot after a long night of travel for a bit of rest and just to see what those big metal moving things called cars thought about me taking up a space. The cars were all fine with it, the humans not so much.

You should have heard some of the things those people said, I do not feel I can repeat some of those sentences. But me and the cars we had quite a laugh about it all.

After about an hour I decided to go sit by the ocean, the wind and the incredibly roaring sound of the waves then the crash as the water hits the earth and sand, wow! The birds zipping by on the incredibly strong air currents, whoosh right over the top of me. How wonderful it is to just be here and sit and listen to all the activity that the ocean brings. this incredibly strong wind though might pick me up and blow me off somewhere.

Andrell Anchor
Andrell Anchor | Source
Sealia Salmon
Sealia Salmon | Source

Perhaps some help

So I spoke with this anchor, "Hello Anchor, if the winds get to strong around this part of the country would you mind if I connected myself to you?"

This incredibly deep voice responded and had a bit of an echo to it. "I am Andrell Anchor, I would be very happy to help you out while we are on land, but if I go into the sea I would take you to the bottom with me and although there are many wonderful things to see in the ocean. I am not sure how well you would like that or how well your canvas would hold up to the currents."

"Thank you so kindly Andrell Anchor for being willing to keep me in place on dry land only." I replied with relief. "Andrell could you tell me what kind of things you see in the bottom of the ocean, since it not a place that is for me I would love to sit here with you and listen." I said with wonder and excitement.

Andrell Anchor in his deep echo voice replied to Julie's chair. "Yes, hmmm how do I begin. Let me think for just a moment." Andrell paused for a few minutes and then began.

" When I am lowered into ocean, the humans yell out drop Anchor but really I am lowered by my big chain, it feels much more like floating. "Andrell started his voice full of thought and memory with a wistful feel to it. "First I see the bottom of the vessel getting farther and farther away and while this is happening the bright light of the sun up in the sky slowly disappears and lower I go. I began to see fish of all kinds zipping past, some are curious and poke me with their nose. Some are huge and sing beautiful songs that carry through the water and then they continue on with the currents.

Then I float farther down and there is different kinds of fish and plants. Once I touch the bottom there is rocks and sand and creatures that crawl around pushing and pulling themselves. Sometimes there are some in holes in the bottom that have creatures in them that POP up and then disappear again. I am continually entertained when I am in the ocean with all the activity. I am a very large anchor and still I feel the pull of the ocean she moves, it is peaceful and active."

Andrell stopped talking for a moment and then his voice became more wistful and sad. " I hope soon I get to go again, but I fear that I have been retired from the ocean life and so here I am looking at the place I love to be from afar hoping and waiting to visit that place again. Here I also see much as the humans move about and come by to touch me and talk and wonder at my size and who or what could use an anchor this big, so even though I am not in the sea I am happy here."

"Thank you so much Andrell Anchor" Julie's chair expressed with wonder and awe. "The images you describe are incredibly vivid and beautiful. I will remember your story as I travel the road and see many things except the bottom of the ocean."

"Perhaps if you end up in the water and needing some help, Sealia Salmon would be the person to talk to." Andrell Anchor said to me. " She is just up the way a bit be sure to stop and say hello."

"I will do so at your request Andrell thank you and until we meet again." I called to him as I proceed just up the way a bit to introduce myself to Sealia Salmon who for some reason can be on dry land and in the water.


Sealia Salmon

"Ahoy there, Sealia Salmon" I called out in a friendly voice. "I am Julie's chair I was just visiting with Andrell Anchor who mentioned you and said I should come to meet you. So I came over to say hello. I simply love your outfit."

Sealia Salmon's voice was like liquid there was a need to listen very careful to understand her words, it sounded like her words were moving and the sound was so soothing and relaxing I almost fell asleep.

"Ahoy to you, Julie's Chair" she responded with that amazing voice.

"Sealia when I was speaking with Andrell and asking him if he could help me stay in one place in the strong winds while I am enjoying the ocean, he mentioned that he might go into the sea and said that I was of course not designed for the sea, he thought perhaps that you could help me if I was blown into the sea and so I am politely asking if that is possible? Sealia I would also like to ask how is it possible that you can breath air and walk on land?"

Sealia was quiet for a moment and then began her words moving to and fro coming out of her like a stream babbling over rocks. I listened very closely to her words so I did not miss anything.

"Julie's chair, I am a very special salmon I watch over the people in this area and I have been given special powers to breath the air and move amongst the people by the spirits. I need to blend in with them become a part of their daily lives and so this wonderful delightful outfit was made for me and gifted so the people would only see Sealia and not a Salmon walking amongst them. These people here they take good care of the waters and of the creatures of the sea as often as they can."

Sealia, took a short pause and then continued "Sometimes though a human comes along who is not right for this part of the world and so I help to move them along with the air currents for the benefit of the humans that I watch over." Sealia looked out over the bluff ever watchful of her people.

"Thank you so very much Sealia for your words they are very thoughtful and I will think on them as I travel. I must be moving along on my adventures and so until we meet again."

Sealia's liquid voice said to me, "Julie's chair if you ever find yourself lost in any waters call out my name and someone will come to help you. It may not be what you expect in the form of help but help will come, enjoy your adventures. It was very nice to meet you."



I left Sealia and headed on down the road to see what was next and where I might go from the beach and the wind and the waves. I soon met this amazing sign and we had quite the discussion.

"Hello sign" I said with gusto. "you are quite the sign so bi, bright and hard to miss and have quite a message, I am Julie's Chair. I am on a road adventure since my human owner abandoned me and I have been having quite a good time. So what do you do and what is a vampire may I inquire?"

"Hello to you Julie's Chair." Vampire sign replied with a voice that was hard and proud. "I am an amazing sign, I am treaty sign and I have a really great job. I am a barrier, a guardian and a human attractor. I help the building behind me see lots of people and stay busy inside so they are happy and successful. I attract people who stop to take pictures and love and make other sounds. I am often very busy and I love being this sign my life is great!" Treaty sign finished with much happiness in that hard voice. Treaty sign continued, " I am also a barrier for those creatures called vampires, I have never seen one myself I have only heard about them, not one has tried to cross my barrier line ever." Treaty sign stated with gusto.

"I have heard some of the humans love them, some of the humans are afraid of them and many are just curious. Laughter and giggling and happiness are what I am apart of every time a human comes to take pictures with me." Treaty sign gave a big sigh and then grew quiet.

"Wow! Treaty sign you do have a great job for a sign, I wish I could learn more about vampires but since you are the guardian and barrier of this area and I am not likely to meet one here near you I will just have to keep on wondering."

Julie's Chair pondered for a moment then said. "I have enjoyed your story Treaty Sign thank you so much for sharing, I wish to you many happy humans and many years at your job. I will not forget you but I must move along now in my travels and onto my next adventure."

"so long Julie's chair, come by again sometime and stay for awhile, I will always be here guarding the line and I do love company." Treaty sign said in return.


A Happy Couple

I moved along on my travels and saw this very happy couple sitting by the road. So I stopped to have some conversation and see who they were.

"Hello to you" I said "My name is Julie's chair, mind if I join you for awhile?"

"Well hello back at you." she said with a very slow steady voice, so slow I had to slow down my listening. "My name is Beelithia and my husband here is Deekell, it would be just fine if you would like to stay here for a bit. You can help us with our jobs of looking so interesting that humans look, stare, laugh and stop in to help the other humans who work here. this has been our home for a very very very long time."

And so I stated, "this seems to be a very busy place, you have much to see and watch, many many cars go by, how many humans stop here just to see you?"

This time Deekell answered my inquiry. His voice just as slow and steady as his partner's voice. "it is a very busy place and for many many years now we have been touched and talked to and enjoyed. We have seen many things here in this place and many changes and we will stay. How long will you stay Julie's chair?"

"Well Deekell, I will not stay but for a couple of hours, I have many more adventures ahead of me as I travel the road. I think that if I stayed here with you, some human would come by and pick me up and take me away for I so lightweight and portable that it would be easy for them to do." Then my thoughts which I did not express to this couple was sure am glad they do not need to sit they look heavy and I think I might break but it sure would be nice to give them a break from all the years of standing here and my purpose is to have people sit.

"We could share with you many fine stories of the people who stop here, but you must be willing to stay for awhile" Said Beelitha. " Perhaps another time I could come by and hear all your stories but I must move on to the next part of my journey," I responded to her. And so I did I moved just a bit to meet this bear.


Hungry and Scared

I tried and tried and tried to converse with this bear. "Hello Bear, what do you have there?"

"This is my food, this is my hamburger and that lumberjack keeps trying to steal it."

"What is your name bear? I am Julie's Chair."

"This is my food and and he can't have it." The bear replied

"Have you told him that it is yours?" I asked.

"This is my food, my burger and he can't have it, I am going to eat it before he can have it." He repeated.

"Well then you should eat it right up" I said.

"MY food, my food, my food!" He said over and over again.

All the while the lumberjack just stood there saying nothing just staring. I decided there would be little I could learn here, the two of them seem to be in a place that was meant just for them, watching each other not making a move one way or another. It seems if the bear would just eat the burger then both of them could move on to something else.

I choose not to say goodbye or so long, not sure either one would notice and as I backed up the bear said. "It's my food and you can't have it either." The bear did not even look my direction just said the words while keeping an every watchful eye on the lumberjack looking at the burger and the bear.

So I moved along traveling down the road.


A Busy Beaver

The next new friend I came across was sitting there looking big and happy.

"Hello to you, I am Julie's chair and who might you be?" I said with a friendly voice.

Why Hello, I am Burly Beaver and what might you be up too, Julie's Chair?" The Burly said with a chittery fast deep voice.

Well Burly, I was left behind and so I decided I should go on an adventure. What might your job be?" I responded.

Burly talked so fast and after speaking with Beelitha and Breekell who spoke so slow, I realized that I missed a whole bunch of what Burly said.

Burly, Burly, Burly I kept interrupting until the words came to a stop. "I am so very sorry I did not get all that you said could you please start over?"

"Well of course Burly stated be happy too. My job is here at this fire station, I am here to remind people to be mindful of the forest and those of us who live within it. When humans see me here, they also see the fire station behind me and hopefully they think about how to behave properly in the forest and lakes, so that all of us who live here are safe."

"That is quite a job you have there must keep a beaver very busy?" I stated back to Burly.

He very happily said in that fast chittery voice "It is indeed, it is indeed. I am very busy, I watch the people who work here, I have humans come and see me and climb upon my back and tell stories of where we might go. These passing humans are quite entertaining all of the time. Then there are the humans who see me every day I am for them a happy site and a great reminder of how much they love the forest as much as all the creatures who live within. I am very happy with the job that I was given, happy happy happy indeed I am Julie's Chair I am very happy."

I thought now I must move on and yet I could learn much about the forest and those that dwell within, but I just wasn't sure I could listen that fast for a very long time. I did stay for while and heard many great stories about traveling in the rivers, swimming in lakes, building and breaking of dams. how great a tree might taste and how different the trees tasted. All these stories are for another time though for I must continue my adventures.

"Thank you Burly for the hours of storytelling I must go now and continue on perhaps I will visit you again and hear more wonderful stories from you." I said as I was leaving.

Have some great adventure's Julie's Chair stay safe and enjoy" Burly responded to my goodbye.


A Bird

All I could thing is what is that! Well since I am on an adventure I guess I will just have to find out.

"HI, I am Julie's Chair and just what might you be?"

"I am a SEA Hawk, I am a bird, I am a symbol, I am can fly, I can run, I can soar." He shouted gleefully. "I live near the ocean, I eat fish, I float on the wind." he continued.

Before he could go on I interrupted. "Well that is a lot of things that you can do how great is that. What are all those things behind you?"

The voice flowed out like big air full of charge. "That's a train and I sometimes I travel in it to get where I need to go, but it is much better to fly fly fly fly."

Pretty sure I was not going to get a name or any stories that or maybe I would get to many, but the loud gusty voice was just to much for me and so I quickly moved on and left that very happy excited Sea hawk to his business.

Jack and Jill
Jack and Jill | Source

A couple of chairs

I met these two sitting by a dumpster I believe that is what that green thing behind them is called.

"Hi, I am Julie's Chair, how are you?" I said.

Hello we are Jack and Jill, we were left behind and the humans who grew tired of us left us here and thought we would be tossed out never to be used again. But that is not how our story goes. When we were left some other humans grabbed us up and now we have been giving more time to be comfort to the humans who enjoy us now."

The accident
The accident | Source

An Accident

"Our story though they both said at once, is sadly not over. One day while we just sitting in the sun waiting for the humans who use us so often for relaxing and enjoying the outside. A man came along and moved us for he had work to do and he thought he had put us in a safe place. Well Jill was safe but poor Jack was not. this man had a very big machine. " I am big machine I have much work to do, I do big things, get out of my way."

Well big machine holding the man way up high did not tell the man that he was causing injury to Jack, his leg his poor leg being mangled by the huge rubber tire.Jack was screaming and screaming help me! help me! help me"

The big machine said I can't help you the man does not see you way down here, I am big and he must work.

The Pain, the agony!
The Pain, the agony! | Source


The pain the bending of Jack's leg for hours this went on, hours and hours while Jill watched in horror as Jack's leg was bent between the edge and the big big big tire. So worried, what will become of Jack after this horrible accident.

"We are lucky Julie's Chair." Jack said. " The humans here love us so much that even though my leg was bent in the accident and my cover torn a bit, they will not toss us away, they come and sit very carefully anyway and so we will continue to live here and enjoy simply being chairs."

I replied "That is quite a story you have Jack and Jill, I wish you many fine years as relaxing chairs, and I must be on my way."

Here's Julie

Well I finally ran into Julie again she was happy to see me and was ready to take me home. But you know what, my adventures travels have been so fun I refuse to go home to the garage again. So I jumped into the back of this car as it was leaving with Julie trying to grab me up and take me home. Goodbye Julie I will see you again after more travels but I am not going home with you now, so sorry, goodbye!

Bye Julie, Till we meet again
Bye Julie, Till we meet again | Source

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