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Julou Dogs Happy Thanksgiving

Updated on November 4, 2019
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Judy worked in insurance for many years before discovering how much she liked writing short stories on HubPages. Loves Rhodesian Rdgbks.

Julou Ridgebacks' Thanksgiving

Caesar peeking around a corner
Caesar peeking around a corner | Source

Julou Ridgebacks' Thanksgiving

The Julou Rhodesian Ridgebacks, Ginger, Chip, Tsin'tia and Caesar were snoozing happily in the living room. Ginger was on her comfy bed, Tsin'tia was in their Mama's recliner, Chip on his pad and Caesar was on the leather couch. Being hound dogs, they all loved to take nice, long naps. The longer the nap, the better they liked it. Some people might even think they were lazy hounds.

Suddenly Caesar's nose twitched. His nose said to him, "Caesar, what is that delicious smell?"

Caesar lifted his head and sniffed again. He realized something yummy was cooking, so he got up quickly and went into the kitchen. There he saw his Mama, Judy, sliding a big roasting pan in the oven with the biggest chicken he had ever seen on it. Caesar wanted that big chicken.

Judy looked around and saw Caesar staring at the big chicken, which was actually the big turkey being roasted for the Thanksgiving dinner. Just at that moment, Ginger, Chip and Tsin'tia walked up on either side of Caesar.

Judy said, "This turkey is not for you. You are dogs and your tummies are not used to rich, fatty turkey skin and trimmings or the side dishes like sweet potatoes or green bean casserole. Onions are not good for you, either. I will save you each a nice bite of the dark meat to have with your own doggy dinners. Now, out of the kitchen with you!"

The three dogs left the kitchen but Caesar laid down just outside the door and watched the oven where he had seen his mama put the turkey. As he lay there, the smells from the kitchen kept getting better and better! He could hardly lie there quietly, with his nose twitching at all the great smells. But his Mama Judy was working in the kitchen so he didn't dare get closer to the oven.

After a little while, Judy walked out of the kitchen to do something else. Caesar inched forward till his head was in the kitchen but his body was still outside the room. When he didn't see anyone, he stood up and walked a little way into the kitchen. When his mama still didn't come back in to chase him out again, Caesar's bravery grew and he walked over by the oven.

The most delicious smells were coming out of the oven! Caesar stuck his head up by the door and he could see the turkey inside giving off such wonderful smells that he just had to put his head closer.

Suddenly there was a loud YELP! Mama Judy came running in the kitchen and Daddy Lou yelled from the living room, "What's wrong with that dog now?"

Caesar had touched his very tender, delicate nose to the very hot oven door. Ouch! It burned his poor nose! It hurt so much that he could only cry and whine pitifully.

Mama Judy pulled Caesar over to the light and looked at his nose. She touched it and he jumped and yelped again. That hurt! Mama Judy then put some cool water on his nose which helped some. Poor Caesar could only lie on the floor and whimper.

Judy went to the phone and called Caesar's veterinarian, Dr. Jay. Caesar heard her asking the doctor about the burn on Caesar's nose. Dr. Jay said he would meet Judy and Caesar at the clinic.

Judy called out to Lou, "Watch the turkey in the oven. I have to take Caesar to see the vet."

Caesar whimpered and looked so sad that his mama felt sorry for him. She loaded him in the car for a quick trip to let his doctor look at his poor burned nose. When they arrived, the doctor looked carefully at Caesar's nose without touching the burned tip. Dr. Jay got some salve to soothe the burn and showed Judy how to put it on and told her how often to do it. He said Caesar would be fine in a few days.

Caesar's mama took him back home and settled him in his nice, quiet crate with a dog cookie. She put his sister, Tsin'tia, in her crate, too, so people would not be tempted to give them bites of the rich and spicy foods the guests were going to eat. Ginger and Chip went into the bedroom with the door closed so they would not bother the dinner guests.

Preparations for dinner went on and eventually the family and friends sat down to eat their Thanksgiving feast.

Later after everyone had gone home, Judy walked over and let Caesar and Tsin'tia out of their crates and let Ginger and Chip out of the bedroom. Judy lined the four Julou Ridgebacks up in a line and told them to sit, which they all did. Mama Judy gave each one of them a nice bite of dark turkey meat with no skin on it so it wouldn't make their tummies hurt. She gave each one of them a second bite of turkey meat and sent them out of the kitchen.

Caesar was last to go out of the kitchen. His mama quietly held out her hand to him and he came back to her. She had some plain green beans in her hand and she gave them to Caesar. He wagged his tail a little and looked up to his mama as if to say, "I'm sorry I got into trouble."

Mama Judy just smiled at Caesar and rubbed his ear.

"Next time you won't put your nose on the hot oven door, will you?" his mama asked.

Caesar looked at the oven and then up at his mama as if to say, "No, ma'am! I don't want anywhere near that oven again." And he meant that sincerely!

Happy Thanksgiving!

The End.

Judy Ward

Revised 11/05/14


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