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Just Another High School Day

Updated on December 12, 2011

Wake up in the morning and I’m feeling good

Sleep in maybe, I don’t know if I should

My alarm clock buzzin so I hit the snooze

It’s about 2 minutes later and I’m putting on my shoes

And turning on the TV to watch a little news

Fast forward an hour I’m getting breakfast at school

Feelin like a boss bcuz my swag is cool

Going to 1st period, getting my education is key

Writing my name on my paper Irell L-double E

Skip ahead a couple periods and now I’m in third

On a natural high, flying like a bird

A little bit later and it’s time for lunch

I’m barely hungry, its early so it’s pretty much brunch

Standing in this growing line with random people

So many peeps and I bet they feelin kinda feeble

So I gotta square pizza probably 3 days old

Then I analyze it bcuz it might have mold

I don’t know why I eat this nasty a** shit

It’s so unhealthy, it’s surprising I’m not sick

Now I’m chillin with my crew at our own spot

Talking bout ish, this and that, tick tock tick tock

Fools talkin ish, I’ll roundhouse n****s

I’m fitted with guns, I ain’t scared to pull triggers

How much money am I getting? More than 6 figures


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