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NaNoWriMo Warm Up Creative Writing Contest

Updated on October 9, 2016

I came up with the Idea of a Creative Writing Contest while reading through forum posts. As a member of a Creative Writing site I often get the chance to participate in fun little contests. I think it would benefit those of us on Hubpages to have an ongoing contest that will be fun and creative. I believe that a contest like this will help participants sharpen their writing skills.

The Contest

The contest is open to all and will be ongoing. I will post a picture or word prompt once a week on a Friday. You will have until the following Thursday to post a link to your work. I would like to see everyone posting their submissions as hubs. Once I have chosen a winner I will post a link to it on the Hub along with a new prompt.

There will be two winners each week and as such their will be two stories at the end of the contest.

When you write your Hub entry you should link to the previous winner. Then using that as a guide continue the story using the new prompt.

As well as this I am going to be posting a campfire story on the forum. This is where one person starts it and then the next continues it. (See link below).

Campfire Creative

Prompt 1

Write a chapter of a story based around the image below.


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