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Just Keeps Getting Better -10

Updated on August 3, 2022

Lawyer's Appointment

Jeremy called Diane Robinson to ascertain that she'd be at the Chess Club on Thursday.

He said; "Hey, Dee, you'll be on spot Thursday?"

She said; "Yo, Jer! Hey what's been going on? Where you been?"

With Eva on his elbow he replied; "I'll explain when I see you."

The tone of voice warned Diane that he couldn't talk now, so she responded; "Okay, see you then."

He ended the call and told told Eva it was arranged. However, to escape he said; "I will meet the lawyer at Five...".

Diane usually arrived at the club about Six. He made the time an hour earlier as getting away from Eva was his desire.

He now had almost a week in which Eva did not bring up his marriage, divorce, or anything about 'us', save she talked about the baby she was going to have.

Jeremy tried to pretend he cared, but he didn't. He wondered if he really should be divorced, if he really should make himself available to marry Eva.

Those thoughts stayed with him for the week.

On Thursday Eva requisitioned the car and of course, the driver, to take her to some location at four p.m.

This is how Jeremy got to leave work, change, and take the car.

Tasting Freedom

Riding to the club, Jeremy felt as he had before Eva entered his life. He cursed himself for not doing whatever it took to get her out of his life, including quitting the job.

What was wrong with him? Why had he been so easily 'bought?' Did he need these clothes? Live at that luxury flat? Where was his pride? Was he that hungry?

He kept going over the past months, asking himself why he didn't keep the ice coating that had protected him at their first encounter. Why did he let fancy food and clothes and things... yes... things... fill his life to the extent he didn't break away from the provider; Eva.

Was he that mercenary?

At the Club

Although he took his time, he still arrived early at the Chess Club. Arrivals greeted him happily. Jeremy Nunes had been one of the most senior members.

He kept his eyes out for Diane, but wasn't going to stand in the parking area, so went inside. He took a glass of water and began playing one of the 'warm up matches'.

The usual procedure was to play three warm up matches with new members or poor players, break for refreshment, then have a 2 out of 3 with a 'seeded' or 'matched' player.

Diane was his usual match. When he beat her he'd talk, no, brag about it. This was not really done, but Jeremy had needed to brag. He needed to feel that he, a chauffeur, had beaten a lawyer.

He saw Diane enter when he was finishing his second game, and hurried through the third.

As she was late she only did one quick warm up before they took their 'usual' seats at the far table.

She made the expected small talk about missing him and whom she'd played with, then they got down to the game.

Diane kept expecting him to talk but he stayed silent. She wanted him to explain the why and what. He seemed to be having great difficulty.

"What's wrong?" she asked after five moves, "I'm going to Mate you..."


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