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Just Keeps Getting Better -12

Updated on August 3, 2022

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When Jeremy left the Chess Club and drove to the apartment, he didn't want to even see Eva, much less talk to her. He almost wished he'd crashed the car.

But here, in this fancy flat, he had to tell her; "I spoke to the lawyer."

She waited for more. He didn't have any more so went into the bathroom.

She knew he didn't want to talk about it. She would give him space. For she had somethings she wanted to say.

Eva's Dilemna

Eva had to wait for the 'right time' to tell Jeremy her plan. She had to make him know that she was wasn't running out on him, that she wasn't taking their unborn child beyond his grasp.

She knew the problems he would face; primarily having to find another place to live. She knew and she would help him make arrangements.

It was the hardest speech she ever had to give. She had to convince him that it was the right choice. That all things taken into consideration, that going home, admitting her pregnancy there as opposed to here would protect him.

She had to find the right words and get it all out in one rush before he interrupted or questioned, so that he would be able to recognize this was the only possible solution

Just After Dinner

It was Saturday night; not that it meant anything to Jeremy.

Often he had to work, driving one big wig or another to various functions. If he were 'free' there wasn't much to do.

Since Eva came into his life he did nothing. He stayed in, unless she wanted to go out. Then he'd go out.

Now she wanted to talk. He hoped there wouldn't be a word about the 'divorce' or his wife and child.

She began with a long preamble. He sat silently wondering if the football match would be broadcast.

A Breath of Freedom

Eva went on and on talking in her grating voice with it's scratchy accent. He didn't usually listen, and wasn't listening now, until she used the word leaving and he suddenly was avid.

Her mouth kept flapping, explaining that she wasn't leaving him, but that she
would go home to have the baby so that it would not seem that she became
pregnant here.

She spoke about him getting another apartment as this one was registered to the Company.

He actually still had his old apartment. When he'd moved in with Eva he had kept it because he kept feeling/hoping the relationship wouldn't last. That she'd find someone else.

He had continued to pay the rent, having one friend after another to use it and reimburse him.

He had never mentioned this to Eva, and didn't tell her now. In fact, he never told Eva anything he didn't have to.

Hearing she would soon leave he was feeling happier than he had since the day
before she came into his life.

Finally she had finished. She was waiting for him to speak.

"That's a good idea." he smiled.


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