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Just Keeps Getting Better -16

Updated on July 12, 2017


Jeremy boarded the plane with
a sense of excitement cut by

He'd never travelled before.
And now, his first trip, flying
thousands of feet above the

His first trip, and flying First Class!

He stared from the window, enjoyed the drinks and snacks, even used the bathroom just to know what it was like to use a bathroom on a Plane!

After seven hours although others slept he could not.

By the time the plane touched down he was exhausted.

He struggled through Customs and the usual security torment, then into the arrival lounge.

And there was Eva and a crowd of people who looked just like her.

Very white, puffy people. And she was even fatter and uglier than he recalled.

Her family and friends didn’t speak English and there was constant translation as he was subjected to one flabby hug after another. Then they squeezed into a car, Eva explained that the baby was too young to travel.

Jeremy made dull hums interspersed with yawns and was nodding out by the time they arrived. He needed to go directly to bed.

As Max was sleeping it was just a glance at the crib before Jeremy fell onto the bed and was out.


When he woke, Eva was beside
him feeding the baby.

Her huge breast anything but sexy.

And the baby, Max, was the spitting image of the Pillbury Doughboy.

It was all too much and Jeremy went into the bathroom.

He felt to vomit, but held himself together and decided to take a hot bath, something he didn't usually do.

Lounging in the tub he used all the fancy products and, of course, Eva came in to wash his back and hair.

She was babbling and he was silent. He was telling himself to imagine he was at a Spa.

When he came from the tub, she slathered him with moisturiser. She had bought him new clothes in which she dressed him, then they went to breakfast.

Everyone in her family had long finished eating, but they shared coffee as the cook plied him with food. There was another tedious translation session then Max cried and he was forced to go with Eva into the bedroom where the baby was put into his arms for the first time.

The baby looked into his eyes then urinated.

Just keeps getting better he thought


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