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Just Keeps Getting Better -17

Updated on July 12, 2017

First Class All The Way

Jeremy spent his five weeks with Eva fluctuating between kid at Disney World and sharing a bed at a leprosarium.

During the days he was taken everywhere, shown everything, fed everything, bought everything, and felt as a visiting potentate.

Once inside the luxurious home he was trapped on a bed with fat Eva and her exploding breasts and an equally fat baby with an overactive bowel and bladder .

He was freed from having to pay for his vacation with sex due to Eva’s current situation, and because he was so big and clumsy did not have to touch the baby frequently.

However, considering the in’ time was just over eight hours and the out time was just under sixteen, the good far outweighed the bad, although he was not at all unhappy to leave.

Going Home

The flight back was more enjoyable than the one in. Now that Jeremy was the 'experienced' traveler he was able to enjoy First Class, the food, the drink. When his plane touched down and he emerged he felt as if he had spent a very relaxing five weeks.

When he entered his crummy apartment he thought of Eva’s palace. He took a shower in reluctant cold water and looked at the dirty crumbling walls and the lumpy old bed, and thought lovingly of the super king size he had shared with Eva.

As he went to work, driving one executive after another, feeling like the lowest man on the totem pole, he reflected on the treatment he had received as Eva’s guest.

As time passed and EvaLand faded he took pleasure in attending the Chess Club.
He had given Diane the thinnest sketch of where he had been but didn’t
mention Eva or baby. Diane didn’t mention divorce.

Months passed. He expanded his social horizons, joining a few organisations creating a few rituals and his life flowed in a sensible pattern.

Then Eva announced that she would be arriving with Max.

It just keeps getting better.


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