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Just Keeps Getting Better -19

Updated on July 12, 2017


Jeremy did not look forward to Eva’s
arrival. He preferred a hurricane.
it was less destructive.

He tried to get as much sleep as
he could because he knew the
kid would cry every 4 hours.

He wished that being nearly
eight months old, Max would
be on a bottle or eatting as
had his own daughter at that

But he assumed Max would be on the breast until he was five years old.

As Jeremy waited for arrivals at the airport he had a nauseating deja vu of the first
time he’d seen Eva plodding into the hall. .. two years ago; precisely two years ago
she’d come into this country, into his life.

And there she is. Fatter, clumsier, with that enormous baby strapped to her chest.
He didn’t show emotion or smile, but led them to the car hoping the public assumed
he was the chauffeur for these strangers.

Ironically, he hadn't wanted to be seen as a chauffeur the first time, now, he wished he was safe in his uniform.

He led them to the car, hoping people would not connect him to this woman, to that baby.

Once in the car Eva grabbed him and kissed him and when the baby yowled, she pulled away and out came that huge breast and into the kid’s mouth.

He thought he'd vomit, but instead, got the car into traffic. They arrived at the set of flats Diane had suggested.

As he parked he could see Eva’s disdain.

“I want a home here for us. A place where we live not ... stop over...” she said.

Eva, I don’t make that kind of money.” he retorted.

“Oh no no no! I wasn’t thinking you paying all of it! OH NO No NOOO!” She said gripping his arm, staring up into his face.

They went into the rooms, she babbling, he looking at the two small beds. She could barely fit on one.. and no doubt with the baby...who started his bawling and out came the breast.

And she thinks

Maybe Jeremy wanted to do something for them. Maybe he chose this small place because that was what he could afford.

Her behaviour was disgusting. She almost cried, but caught herself, turned the discussion to food. As they went to the supermarket, Diane Robinson was driving in. She greeted Jeremy who introduced her to Eva.

Eva remembered the name, this was the lawyer. She would somehow speak to her without Jeremy and find out about the divorce.

It was easier than imagined.

Jeremy had to go in on a Saturday, and Eva went to visit Diane. A question and a half and it was pretty clear Jeremy hadn't the money.

Eva paid a small portion, and it seemed, although the lawyer didn't say anything, that this was the first money that had changed hands in relation to the divorce.

Eva didn't speak about it. She kept the conversation bright.

She befriended Diane and they had a few outings together.

Soon it was time for Eva to leave. Jeremy would visit in a few months.

Eva stood in the departure lounge, looking at her son's father, then turned away.
She held Max a little tighter.

Sitting in the First Class cabin holding her son, feeling the plane rise, oddly, Eva didn't feel that she was leaving anything behind.


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