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Just Keeps Getting Better -2

Updated on August 3, 2022

Here She Is

Eva Robaznik finally came through Customs. Although she travelled first class and the line before her was rather short, it seemed to take hours to go from here to there.

She moved into the lounge, dragging the heavy suitcase, angry there was no one who offered to help, even for a charge.

Eva hadn't known exactly what to pack so took as much as could fit into the case, unsure about what was available on the island. Better to have than not, she had told herself.

And now was dragging along, finally reaching the lounge with one huge suitcase on wheels another she wore on her back.

As she entered the lounge she felt the heat. The trip had been long and uncomfortable. Now she had the discomfort of being in a country where she knew no one.

She stopped and scanned the crowd for the driver, She was told that he would be at the airport to collect her.

Ah! There he was.
Very big.
Buff, very buff.

Eva had expected a wizened older man or a non-descript, not someone so striking. She stood a few seconds just staring at him, then strode as quickly as she could considering her burdens towards him.

In a loud clear voice; "I am Eva Robaznik," and put out her hand.

He shook it, without a smile or word. He took her luggage, and led to the car. He put down the bags, opened the back door, and she got in.

Shutting her door he turned to her luggage, piled that into the boot, then moved to take the driver's seat.

As he drove out of the airport he stated; "I was told to take you to the office first..."


As she balanced herself in the backseat, enjoying the air conditioned interior of the car, she asked the driver; "What is your name?" in a commanding way, not soft, not flexible.

"Nunes." The driver muttered.

"Is that First name or last?"

"Last." He chipped as he maneuvered through traffic.

Since he was being unfriendly there was no sense in trying the egalitarian approach
she occasionally used with previous drivers. If he wanted to keep the barriers, she would comply.

Turning on her Cell phone, Eva rang the Office. She spoke to the person in charge of her arrangements.

As there was no reason for her to physically go to the office, she was informed of her accommodations. Verifying the name and address of the Hotel, she requested the driver be called and directed.

Eva was not one to allow herself to be 'managed' by an inferior. If Nunes was going to be difficult, she could be distant and behave as if they were in different vehicles.

Doing his job

As the conversation between Eva and the office was not being conducted in English, Jeremy didn't know precisely what was being said. He did catch the words "Spanish Court" and assumed that he was to take her to that hotel.

When his cell rang and he received that information he agreed as expected. And as expected he would be told; "Please stay with Miss Robaznik and whatever she wants or needs please ensure that she receives it, she is Very Important to the Company."

Yup. Friday night.

His relax night, his night of friends and fun and ease where he could be himself, not a crushed version of a menial.

Friday night and he's going to spend it running errands for the Pillsbury dough girl.

It just keeps getting better.


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