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Just Keeps Getting Better -3

Updated on July 10, 2017

Under Control,

Realising that he was not going
home or out, or off duty until
Eva Robaznik released him,
Jeremy took a deep breath
and concentrated on traffic.

Eva, in the back seat asked a few questions and he decided to answer in a more friendly tone; developing a decent working relationship with those he drove was wise.

By the time they had reached the Hotel they were speaking amicably, and he let the staff fight for the luggage saying he would wait in the lobby.

Eva asked him to come up.

At the Hotel

He watched her explore the suite with the eyes and actions of a person accustomed to going First Class.

When she had found the drawers that stuck, the light which wasn't bright enough and other such flaws, she turned to Jeremy, about to speak; just then her cell rang.

He stood while she spoke on her phone, not unaccustomed to long conversations where he was expected to count air molecules.

However, her conversation was fairly short.

She told him she had been invited to dinner at the C.E.O.s house, (which was way
up the hill) but had declined as she was tired and would take dinner in her room,
and invited Jeremy to join her.


Jeremy looked at her wondering why she couldn't have been prettier.
Or more shapely.
Or attractive in any human category.

He did not want to be alone in the room with her, wondered if it were better or
worse to go downstairs to the restaurant and people would actually see them

But then, being in a fancy restaurant would make people think he could eat in a fancy restaurant instead of at a KFC.

Of course, his hesitation and rat in the trap expression, must have alerted,
for she then asked if he would prefer to eat in restaurant.

With relief he said yes, and she said she would take a shower and join him in thirty minutes.

He left the suite, gratefully, took off his 'uniform' in the elevator. He went to the car,
tossed the hat and jacket in the backseat, then to the bar where he ordered a beer.

She eventually arrived looking slightly better than she had before.

There was a bit of style to her hair, she wore earrings and a necklace, had a touch
of make up on her face and a decent dress, although on her it didn't look as
expensive as it must be.

They spoke, (actually she did a mix of autobiography and interrogation while he
was as silent as he could be.)

The food arrived, they ate, then she rose and he was released.

He drove home, the supermarket being closed, he had to overspend at the gas
station's kiosk. When he entered is flat he took a thorough shower to wash away the day, then switched on the television.

He plunged into his bed, thinking of events of long ago, then fell into sleep.

His cell rang at 6:50 am.

He was to pick up Miss Robaznik in an hour, give her a quick tour of the city
until noon when he was to drop her at the C.E.O.s house.

Just keeps getting better.


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    • qeyler profile image

      qeyler 6 years ago

      I hope you enjoy the story

    • mljdgulley354 profile image

      mljdgulley354 6 years ago

      And on we go