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Just Keeps Getting Better-4

Updated on July 10, 2017

Painfully Familiar

For the next three months
Jeremy Nunes was driving Eva all over the country.

Although there were three other
chauffeurs she liked him the best
so made her requests.

As she was the third highest ranking officer in the corporation he was usually
assigned to her unless one of the two senior figures demanded him.

Jeremy was unhappily aware Eva wanted to take the relationship to a higher level.

It was rather obvious; how she looked at him with that wolf's eye, what she spoke
about, and the words she used.

Eva had more money to play with than he had made or would make in his lifetime.
She was a member of a Class he would never join. She belonged to a world he
had seen on television and never considered real.

So he let her buy him things, take him places, introduce him to that world.

Jeremy knew it was wrong, he knew the should put in for his accrued vacation
leave, disappear without a word and alert one of the other drivers to catch her eye.

He knew that it would be inevitable if he didn't leave.
Leave now.
Put in for his accrued vacation and find another job.....but he didn't.
He could have, but he didn't.

Jeremy let this connection with Eva go on until it happened.

How It Happened.

Eva wanted to go camping. Apparently in her home country she had been quite
the rustic type.

He had absolutely no desire to camp anywhere at any time with anyone. He never
made positive sounds when she spoke of this venture, and had not believed she
was all that serious.

He had not believed until she told him to pick her up on Saturday morning and
drive to a particular Lodge where she had booked a room. They'd leave the car,
hike up the mountain.

He made sounds, negative sounds, and she assured him that everything
necessary had been purchased in doubles as she was sure he'd go with her.

Jeremy knew what would happen before he reached the lodge.

The woman did not attract him. He didn't like her appearance, her thought
processes...any thing about her..

She was not physically, emotionally, intellectually attractive. Not in any sense.

late that night,.. lying on his back outside of the tent, asking himself what in
hell did he do..... while Eva was cooing about love.

She, who was streets and lanes beyond him in education, money, power, was
making proclamations of undying devotion.

She was talking about 'future' about how she was renting a house for 'them' ,
buying a car for them,... and he was lying there almost nauseous, unable to
look at her thinking; it just keeps getting better.


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    • qeyler profile image

      qeyler 5 years ago

      I hope you enjoy it

    • mljdgulley354 profile image

      mljdgulley354 5 years ago

      Oh oh sounds like he is getting in over his head.

    • qeyler profile image

      qeyler 5 years ago

      thanks...there's a bit more coming

    • profile image

      Valerie60 5 years ago

      I like a good love story.