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Just Me Compared To A Tree.

Updated on November 28, 2009

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Just Me Compared To A Tree!




If a tree falls in a forest,
and there is no one around
to hear it does it make a noise?

It rings out in silent O's
it's stump marks
the year of its passing,
it has no bark that one can hear,
it simply leaves circles of time,
ripples in a wooden pond,
left by the stone axe falling,

I have stood by a felled Sequoia,
a massive time tunnel to the past,
and the rings were countless
it was wedded to life
for more centuries than imaginable,

We wear one ring to show
our commitment to wrap
our limbs around each other,
we bear stretch marks
as our layers grow,
like a tree we take up roots,
and ring in each new year
with rings of leis.
we grow from the inside out,
much like trees,
perhaps that explains
our affinity with trees.



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