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Just Some Extra Large Fish Food.

Updated on April 5, 2010


Fish Food.


Paralyzed by a

bullet in the back,

he lay in the bottom

of his  aluminum skiff,
which was also

bullet punctured,

as the ocean

crept relentlessly,
over his face,

his nostrils,

his mouth,

until a life jacket

floated under his head,

and wrapped itself

around his neck.

He never usually

wore them on board,

but now this
Velcro-ed cushion

served to prolong

his agony as he

was swept from

the bottom of his 

craft into the sea.

where he suddenly

found himself wishing
that he had drowned

in the hollow of his boat,
as four fins appeared

amidst the clouds

of his blood,
and left only

the life jacket

to mark his passage.


Just another

murder gone bad.





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