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Just a Little More Time

Updated on February 10, 2012

what time is it


Someone once asked me what goes up and never comes down? After thinking about it for a while I answer, age? I was right so we laughed about it. Then I was asked, what goes on and never stops, I answered; LIFE! No not the right answer, it was TIME!

Wow, I sat there thinking about it "Time", so precious and yet can be so waisted. I look at the clock and it's time to get up, it's 7:10 in the morning but it feels like I need a little more time because i'm tired and don't want to face my daily routine. Now it's 7:15 I better get my butt up because my daughter needs help getting ready before the school bus pulls up. Great the kids are off to school and it's now 7:35, what should I do? I think I have a little extra time to get some more shut eye, I wake up to my phone vibrating and oh my it's already 10:30, I waisted a few hours of precious time, what was it that I had to do? Oh just wash some clothes and clean up my room I guess there was nothing of real importance for me to attend to. The real fun doesn't start till 2:30 in the after noon when it's time to pick up my kids from school, I guess I can get dressed and put on some make up and eat a little breakfast. After that I'll check my e-mail and create a Hub or two, because time continues, it doesn't matter what i do. I should prepare the things I need so I can start to cook, it's tacos today, shoot it's already 1:30 and time is still on its way, i'll have to stop hubbing and continue with my day because time won't stop nor does it wait for anything!


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