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Just a poem or two

Updated on September 21, 2016

Not very long ago you said to me:

That you'd like for me to write something just for you;

Well, here it goes; I'm going to write you a poem or two;

It will tell you how I feel;

Just how much you mean to me;

But the words may not rhyme;

And they may not come out the I want them to;

I'd like to make you understand; with the swipe of my pen;

How much I still need you;

How much I continue to miss you everyday;

But the words would stop;

Just when you wanted them to go on;

I want to sing you a song;

A beautiful serenade;

One so special that it would make you forever hold a smile inside yourself;

But I don't even know if you would hear me;

You're so far away now;

Well ... just maybe;

Heaven is'nt so far away afterall;

So I'm gonna give it a try;

This is my way of saying Goodbye;

But only for now;

Till we are joined together again someday in Heaven;

Oh just imagine.... what a reunion it will be!



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