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Just keeps Getting Better -7

Updated on May 25, 2014

Can't be

Jeremy Nunes, Chauffeur,
is standing outside of the
Townhouse his 'boss',
Eva Robaznik has leased.

He is standing there, sick
to his stomach because
Eva is pregnant.
Pregnant For him.

Although it has been eight months since he first saw her bumbling out of the
arrival lounge, finding her somewhat repulsive, none of the incidents between
then and now seemed real.

How did he wind up living with her?
Having sex with her?
Being the father of her child?

He didn't feel anything for her; how could he feel nothing?

Eva, however felt deeply.
She loved him with every atom of her being.
And she felt guilty.
Guilty in the belief that she had seduced him from his family
As if she had so demanded his time and attention that he forgot about
wife and child.

In truth his wife and child didn't want to see him, hadn't wanted to see him years
before Eva arrived. And Jeremy wasn't much interested in them at all.

He'd never gotten a divorce because it was too much trouble.
Too much trouble, too much money and he hadn't a girlfriend he was even
slightly serious about.

How it is

Eva was beside him, but he was alone with his thoughts. It started to rain and they went inside, her gripping him as if he'd fly away. He wanted a beer and went to the fridge, then thought about the match and turned on the television. She called his name, jarring him to the ugly now.

She started to talk, he shut off the commentary, watching the game. He occasionally glanced at her, and away, which she was interpreting as 'shame' or 'embarrassment' and she was feeling guiltier by the moment.

Eva reflected on the fact she came to this country and didn't even stop to think if he had a life before she inserted him in her's. And he had been so good about it, so compliant, never expressing himself. She had dominated him, controlled him, and was so sorry.

Jeremy wondered why they didn't replace the useless striker.

Eva demanded he see his wife and child no later than tomorrow and admit the affair and ask for a divorce. He agreed as the 'useless' striker made a fantastic header, but it was saved.

At the end of the match, as she cuddled him in bed, he realised he would have to contact his wife and see his child and discuss divorce.

It just keeps getting better, he thinks.


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