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Just A Poem

Updated on February 28, 2012

Not Enough Time!

It's about to be 12 pm

I am in a rush again

So many ideas

So little time

Thought there might be just enough to make up... a rhyme

The deep thoughtful words that I so want to write

Will have to add up to another sleepless night

Appointments to go to

Kids need my support

The dogs need walking

The vacuum calls

There is just not enough time

Not enough at all!

This has helped me get a small fix, but the shower is calling, while the clock ticks

My stomach continues to growl

I enjoy writing too much to stop and eat now

Maybe at last I've found something, more tempting than food

To not finish ... would simply be rude

Need to go, editing, you know

but to be sure, I will return

Its just a poem

Nothing more, nothing less

I do love writing it though

I must confess

Are you good with time management?

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