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Karen Szklany Gault - A Seafarer Mama

Updated on January 5, 2020
Seafarer Mama profile image

Seafarer Mama/Karen loves to read, write and listen to stories about seafaring life, both spoken and sung.

Some of my favorite pastimes ~

Late Summer/Early Fall on the Riverway  in Boston
Late Summer/Early Fall on the Riverway in Boston | Source
Rose painted in acrylic, by Seafarer Mama
Rose painted in acrylic, by Seafarer Mama | Source
Clothes tie-dyed by Seafarer Mama for her family
Clothes tie-dyed by Seafarer Mama for her family | Source
My poetry chapbook, "Running with the Wings of the Beast," published in 2009. Includes "Haikus for New Parents."
My poetry chapbook, "Running with the Wings of the Beast," published in 2009. Includes "Haikus for New Parents." | Source

Gifts from our blue-green sea-earth home

Some people are "gifted" with talents early in their lives and others develop theirs over time. It takes years for many people to grow comfortable in their own skin until it fits just right. We often discover what we have inside us as the years pass quietly by, and we reach out to meet new experiences. Perhaps we find ourselves jumping into the fire of trials both good and bad. But those fires etch deep caverns of serenity into our souls so that we may hold deeper love in our hearts and higher aspirations in our minds. The hope that comes with the dawn of a new era for myself and my world is a beacon that leads me toward the harbor of a future that holds a sense of greater wonder than I have known before with each new discovery.

Gifts from the High Seas

Setting Sail: Ten Thousand Years Of Seafaring Adventure
Setting Sail: Ten Thousand Years Of Seafaring Adventure
A history of seafaring adventure full of captivating images and a companion DVD with additional stories to dive into and swim through over and over.

Sailing New Horizons with Courage

New friends and neighbors grace our days with unforeseen pleasures and opportunities as we sail the waters of our lives. Community becomes an anchor for our journeys across the oceans of uncertainty. Each community we belong is held in our hearts more dearly as the years pass by. The community of nature that surrounds our home is no less wonderful than the community of people we greet outside our door. The seasons pass, wonders transform from one shape to another, and beauty surrounds us, ever fresh and inviting. The flight of dragonflies, the glow of clouds at sunset, the pearly brightness of the full moon, the silent dance of meteors, the riot or colors of the leaves on deciduous trees, all combine to keep our world enchanting.

Haunting music from the giants of the deep ~

Thousand-Mile Song: Whale Music in a Sea of Sound
Thousand-Mile Song: Whale Music in a Sea of Sound
The haunting music of whales adds mystery to sea travel; its sound can fill us with wonder.

Embracing an Ever-expanding World

As each new day dawns, the laughter of my daughter and the sparkling blue eyes of my husband hold court in my heart and all the loveliness of the world is mine. Each new day is an amazing array of possibilities, and to enjoy just a few is a worthy accomplishment. From that, I draw my contentment. As my daughter grows in beauty, she inspires me to respond to the world in new ways. As I do, my love for my world expands and my enjoyment of my world deepens. As a mother whale sings out to her pod, I sing out to my family a heartfelt song of appreciation.

Filled with the joy and laughter of parenthood, my heart and soul are ever grateful. Each accomplishment leads me on to more, seasoned with play. The feast of merry souls is ours.

© 2009 Karen A Szklany


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