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Keeper's Missive 2: The Curse of the Broken-tongue

Updated on December 25, 2009

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The Second History

The Keeper’s Missive:

The Curse of the Broken Tongue

I am a Shomere, a Keeper.  I am a keeper of secrets and histories. I am a Keeper of the Trust. I am a keeper of the Mother-tongue. We Shomerim are charged with remembering. For man has forgotten too much. But the Keepers remember. Let me tell you what you may not know.

In my last missive, I told you about the Secrets of the Gates. While you did not know this secret, every Keeper must learn that history. I want to tell you now about the Curse of the Broken Tongue.

The sons of Fury scoured Motherworld in the search of the pearl houses and any living gates.  The Keepers of the Gate fulfilled their duty and did not allow anyone to know about the one functioning Gate.  When the remaining sons of Fury did not find any, they turned their focus. Not only the sons of Fury, but all men had inflated their hopes of finding their way to an unbroken world. They were beginning to see that their Motherworld had changed in other ways than just the geographical.

The daystar had changed. He now ruled the earth with his own anger and hurt the eyes of the sons of man. This was one way that he demanded worship. The sons of men could not look upon the glory of the daystar for more than just an instant. This was not the way it was before the breaking of the world. The daystar also burned the skin of man in his heat. And he shortened the ages of man in his rule over them.

Man saw the broken world their Motherworld had become. They had searched for a way to any other world. When men saw that there was no gate left, they began to consider their impoverished state. One of the sons of Fury waxed great. He taught men to unite beyond their families. He built the first cities of man. He rebelled against the Sovereign, Malech HaOlam. He rebelled against the old ways that even the ancients had not transgressed. He even rebelled against his own name. So, he renamed himself as Rebel. He brought back the abominations. Giants were upon the earth again. With their help, Rebel did something that would change everything. Man had learned some things by studying the existing pearl houses that were left housing the broken gates. Men would make their own gate.

Man built  a great tower.  In this tower, they built the gate and its house. The sons of men said their gate would enable them to do anything. It did not lead to just one world. Men rejoiced in doing more than the Sovereign had. While Malech had built innumerable gates, each gate led to only one single world. But this one man-made gate could take them anywhere. They said that all worlds were open to them now. They called their city in the Mother-tongue a name with two meanings. For Mother-tongue words almost always have more than one meaning depending on how they are used. They called it "the gate of the gods" or "the mixing place." For in that place the sons of the gods had again mixed with the flesh of men.

Man did more to anger Malech. Man opened the gate. Man traveled from Motherworld to their green moon. They took the abominations with them. Then man went to their closest planet, Motherworld’s brother, where they built monuments to their own greatness. Some of these monuments were so great that they could be seen from Motherworld by vision tools. One monument was a temple to the abominations. I cannot tell you the name of the giant’s leader. Keepers will not even say the name of an abomination. But the giants and men built the temple to look like their leader’s face, almost human and yet not.

Malech HaOlam would not allow this to stand. He had broken Motherworld once already because of the tampering of the sons of the gods and their abomination children. He could not cleanse the world the same way again. So, he had to do something differently. He had broken the Motherworld, but he had not broken the Brother-world. This he did now. That world was destroyed in his anger. So, fierce was his cleansing of this Brother-world, that it was shaken from its obit. For many ages, this Brother-world spun uncontrollably and came so close to Motherworld that millions of people died every century. Every time the Brother-world came near to Motherworld, it caused the earth to reel as if it were the waves of the sea. Great stones were hurled to the earth and destroyed many places and peoples. The belly of Motherworld ruptured forth and spewed the life blood of the world out, covering the sky and melting the ground.

So, Malech cleansed the Brother-world. Next he had to cleanse the moon of Motherworld. When he was done, this moon was no longer green. It was as dead and lifeless, as the Brother-world.

Finally, Malech had to stop men on the Motherworld. He went to Motherworld and saw their city. He saw their tower. He saw their gate. He knew that nothing would stop men now that they had the resources of all the worlds. Originally, he wanted them to go to these other worlds.  But men had become poisoned in their very souls. They would spread the disease of what they had become to all the universe if he did not stop them.

Malech HaOlam cursed man that day. He had cursed the beasts after the world’s breaking so they could no longer think and speak. So, now, he cursed man so that he could no longer think like he used to. He could no longer see things the way he was meant to. He could no longer speak the Mother-tongue.

Man, now, would be divided for many millennia. One day, of course they would find ways to unite again, for that is intrinsic in man to do. But that process was slowed now.

Meanwhile, the Keepers on Otherworld were not part of the Rebel’s rebellion, or the works of the sons of Fury. They also did not receive the wrath of Malech’s curse. They continued on Otherworld as they did before, but now they were Keepers of one more trust. They were Keepers of the Mother-tongue.

After the Curse of the Broken-tongue, the priest of Malech HaOlam came to Otherworld with Malech’s new laws for us. We call this priest the King of Peace. He told us that we could not build any more gates to other worlds. We have kept that commandment. For the gate to the Island, the Keeper homeland, was built before the Gate of the Gods and curse of the Broken-tongue. So, we were innocent of violation. Also, the Priest Keepers were entrusted with the authority to curse any Keeper with the Broken-tongue if they be guilty of breaking the pinnacle laws.

The King of Peace also prophesied of the day when the Broken tongues will cease. Malech HaOlam will lift the curse of the Broken-tongues. For all Keepers must return to Motherworld in life or in death. In that day, Malech will return to man a pure language. We are the faithful stewards of that trust. We Keepers keep the Mother-tongue until that day.

by Andrew Grosjean

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Ring Tailed Monkey?

Author's Note:

This is fiction of course.  I would like to designated it as "Creation Science Fiction."  Like traditional Sci-Fi, we seek to take real world ideas of science and extend them into the furthest reaches of possibility.  This is what we have done here but we have used the Bible as the source of ideas.  So, we have tried to make a world where nothing that happens nor anyone that exists is in contradiction to the truths of God's Word.  You must know that above all, we believe that the Bible is God's protected and inerrant Word.  We have woven together Biblical concepts with fiction in a way that may surprise you.  I am not suggesting that what happens here is true.  Obviously, I made it up.  But there are some things that are true.  You will need to examine and explore the Scriptures yourself to see if something is possibly true or not.  That is the real fun here, to see the Word of God come alive with possibilities that we might not have expected.  Let me close by saying my primary goal in publishing these stories is to get the children of God to examine the Bible more carefully and deeply.

What does the Bible say about the Nephalim?


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