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Keeper’s Missive: The Subtle Tower of Babel and the Impossible Gate

Updated on September 24, 2013

Changes after the Breaking

I have told you before about the curse of the broken-tongue, but I have not given you any of the details surrounding it. I have had to do much study into some of the oldest records of the History Guild to put these facts together.

As I stated before, after the Breaking of Motherworld (that you call the great flood) within a few generations, the people began to see how different the broken world was. They longed for the days where beasts were not afraid of man. They wished for the time when they and the beasts were not cursed to eat flesh. They wanted the world back where beasts were able to speak and men were able to live in a friendly world.

They also saw that man was changing. He was not living as long. The world had become bitter. It settled into its new seasons. Heat took over summer, and cold took over winter. Men would now most think of the seasons for the temperature. We Keepers here on Otherworld remember when the seasons on Motherworld were a celebration of the elegant dance of the stars. On Otherworld, we still observe the music of the night sky and the hosts of heaven.

Man became sickly. New illnesses were coming on Motherworld. Ice began to rule the North and South. Great dead places, you call deserts, ruled the hot lands. Black tar pits sucked in any living that happened to touch them. And the molten blood of the earth exploded from the newly formed mountains that filled the Motherworld. Your word for these is volcanoes. Storms raged across the face of the world. Every time one of the storms attacked the world, the people were reminded of the world wide flood and the Breaking. This brought to their memory the legends of what the world was like before the flood.

Man fantasized about the world before the Breaking. They took the real history and began to embellish it, as foolish men often do. We Keepers do not do such things. But they called the world before the flood, “Ah-lanti.” In Mothertongue, this means, “The flooded lands.” You still have the name in another form, “Atlantis.”

Man’s fear of the broken Motherworld drove man to look for a way to another world. As I told you, they looked for the Creator-made gates that once filled the Motherworld. The first Keepers did their job in hinding the secret of the one working Gate that leads here to Otherworld. When the people of Motherworld could not find any working gates, they looked for new answers.

There were those that still remembered the Creator, the God our father Comfort (or as you call him, Noah). But others, like the sons of Fury, offered new ideas to men. They still had the stories of the giants and of the sons of God and of the technologies that were lost with their Atlantis.

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The First Human King

One man began to be mighty in all the earth. You call him Nimrod. He became a mighty hunter. He was the first of the mighty hunters. There was no need to hunt before the flood. For man did not eat meat for nourishment until after the Breaking. Nor was there a need to defend against wild animals before the flood. For they were like the beasts on Otherworld still are. But on Motherworld the animals became fearful and blood thirsty. Before that, there was no need to hunt.

Nimrod made it sport to kill. He killed anything he could. The bigger the beast the better for him. He destroyed many of the great beasts and dragons. And he did not kill for the food. He wasted life, just for the challenge of it.

Nimrod was not just a mighty hunter, but he was a mighty hunter against the Lord, the Creator. For he also stalked men. He brought down those men that still followed the Creator. He was an abominable man, exceedingly evil. He would corrupt his generation. He sought out the magic and the ways of the sons of God, the giants, and all Atlantis.

So, Nimrod built a kingdom and made himself a king. This was something new. Man before the Breaking never had kings. Families lived as they would. There were patriarchs who ruled their own descendants, similar to the way it still is in the Trust among us Keepers even today.

Nimrod built great walls around his cities to keep out the beasts that had become so violent and blood thirsty. He made his wife, Semiramis, his queen. As the symbol of their power, they made ornaments to wear on their heads. They wore a band of gold with form of ramparts rising from the band, like the ramparts from the wall of his cites. These were the first man made crowns. For they were a cheap mimic of the glamor that they had seen on the head of Melchizedek, the messenger of the Creator, the true king of the city called Peace.

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The Subtle Tower & Impossible Gate

Nimrod and his wife built their greatest city in an act of rebellion toward the Creator. They made themselves king and queen in rebellion to Melchizedek. They borrowed from the Atlantian rebellions. Then they united man by making a new worship of the sun, moon, stars, and even man. They worshiped everything except for the Creator.

Nimrod and Semiramis united the most gifted men of understanding, regardless of family. They communed with the sons of God and learned to make something that no one had before or since. They made the Impossible Gate. No one had ever built a gate on Motherworld before this time. While the Trust had built one on Otherworld, no one on Motherworld knew this. It is the oldest of all Keeper laws. Once a person chooses to go to Otherworld, they can never go back to Motherworld. So, no one showed Nimrod any Keeper craft.

Nimrod built the supporting tower, for all gates require the supporting structure to power the gate. And their tower was a magnificent building, perhaps the most subtle ever made by man. So, it was called the Subtle Tower. The Impossible Gate in Babel was a world gate, meaning that it could reach into heavens. It could open the worlds for man’s arrival. But Nimrod’s gate was different than any Keeper gate ever made. It is called the Impossible Gate because no Keeper Equationer has ever been able to figure it out. Keeper gates send people from only one place to one other place. It was believed that the legendary Impossible Gate could send man anywhere.

The Impossible Gate would make it possible to not just go to another world. It would be possible for them to go to every other world that the Creator had made. Nothing would be impossible to their evil desires. The Keepers knew that with every step through the Impossible Gate, man would spread the curses of man to every other world they entered. This was why our father Redman kept the secret of the gates from all of his children. He did not want to spread our curses.

The Impossible Gate worked. First they sent men and giants onto their green moon. The beauty of that moon had never been touched by man. Then emboldened by their success, they sent men and giants to the closest planet to Motherworld. This planet was called Man of War. That planet now has died as the moon has been killed by the evils of man and the abomination of giants.

The Creator sent Melchizedek to see what Nimrod had done. He saw it and knew that man would not be restrained from any evil they could imagine.

The Fight of Champions

At this point, let me back up in the story. I already told you that Nimrod hunted men that were loyal to the Creator. Nimrod caused the first wars on Motherworld after the Breaking. He began to seek out any that would not unite with his kingdom.

The man you call Shem was a prophet and stood up for the people of God. And Shem himself had heard the voice of the Creator. Shem was there with his father and brothers when the Creator Himself told them all, “If a man takes a man’s life, by man shall his life be taken.”

Shem knew that justice was now man’s responsibility, given in trust by the Creator. Shem purposed to bring Nimrod to justice for his murders. Shem tried to raise an army. But people were scared of Nimrod, and rightly so. He had the only trained army in the world at that time. And the terrible tales of Nimrod’s cruelty were legendary.

Finally, Shem decided to be the champion for those loyal to the Creator. He had raised a small army, but it was no match for Nimrod’s army. So, he challenged Nimrod to settle the war by a fight of champions. If Shem were to win, Babel would surrender to Shem. If Nimrod won, he would have the only organized force that stood against him.

Nimrod and Shem agreed to a contest of champions. Nimrod was the most accomplished warrior in his army, in the world. Shem would be the champion for those that followed the Creator. No one really thought that Shem could win, but everyone knew that Nimrod’s army could not lose.

So, the battle began. Nimrod used his spear and attacked with all of his dark fury. But with every attack, he was unable to touch Shem. Shem for his part, deflected with his sword every attack without any counter attack. Shem waited for the one single instant when Nimrod was sloppy. With the speed of lightning, Shem lashed out with one single slash of his sword. It happened so fast, no one knew what had happened. Suddenly, Shem stood alone with the lifeless form of Nimrod prostrate at his feet. Two armies stood still as stone in shocked silence as Shem held up the crown-less head of Nimrod.

The shrill cry of the newly widowed queen broke the stillness. She stood between the ramparts on the city wall and cursed Shem and cursed his God.

Shem demanded the city opened to him. He had won the fight of champions and that was the agreement. Semiramis and city of Babel refused to surrender to their complete dishonor. The army retreated behind the great walls.

Law of the Gathering

Shem saw that the people of Babel would not honor the result of the contest of champions. So, he did the only thing he could. He would have to gather the rest of the people that had spread through the world that had not joined Babel. They would have to come and tear down Babel brick by brick, including their Subtle Tower to heaven and the Impossible Gate. This time they would join him because Nimrod was dead. They did not need to fear him any longer.

At this point, I need to explain to you an ancient law that you do not know. It is old even to the days before the Motherworld was broken. It is the law of gathering. In most cases, a sacrifice was made and divided. Its pieces were sent out into the world to gather those that were called. The more solemn the situation, the more significant the offering would be. The most solemn of all gatherings was started after the justice of Nimrod. This was when someone was murdered. In this most grievous call of gathering, the victim of murder would be divided and sent to all those that were called. Everyone that received the parcel must come so that the victim could be avenged and buried.

This was a very grave law. And everyone to whom a piece was sent was honor bound to come. They who received were united with the sender by the piece of the sacrifice they were given. For the three become one. Those who sacrifice, and the sacrifice, and those for whom the sacrifice is made all become one.

Curse of the Broken Tongue

On the day that Shem used this ancient law, he made a new law to go with it. Anyone who ignores the call is worthy of the punishment that they are called to witness. If people are called to administer a death sentence as they were in Babel’s case, and the people did not come, they would be punished with death, same as Babel. Shem declared that anyone that did not come would be guilty of the crimes of Babel. Their lives would be forfeit.

There on the battle field, in view Semiramis and Babel’s army, Shem divided Nimrod and sent messengers carrying the message through the world. His message was, “Gather to Babel to tear it down. For its champion is destroyed.”

Semiramis would spend years trying to find those pieces. The last piece she would find would be his heart.

Babel was shut up under siege by every family of the world. Every able bodied man in the earth came to answer the call, and man was united once more in the plains of Shinar. The families were gathered to war, but Babel was self contained and had water and food to maintain itself. And they had the Impossible Gate, so they had endless supplies from the moon and from the planet they called Man of War.

Originally, Babel’s army should have been able to destroy Shem’s army. But the hearts of the men of Babel were melted when they saw the greatest among them slain with one single swing of Shem’s sword. They believed that Shem’s God was against them. In deed, the creator was. So, they cowered behind their walls.

Babel was under siege and the war was at a stand still until the Creator pronounced the next curse on Motherworld. This was the Curse of the Broken-tongue.

Starting in the center of the city of Babel, the Creator touched the minds of men. He ultimately would divide men into ten languages. This confusion made it so man could not think clearly. For when a man loses Mothertongue, he changes in his mind. The difference is comparable to the difference that happened to beasts when the Creator took away their ability to speak and think clearly.

In the confusion of the languages the army of Babel began to flee the city. They opened the gates in terror to flee from the anger of the Creator. The army of Shem was able to break down the gates and the walls. They tore down the Subtle Tower and the Impossible Gate. After they razed the city, the army dispersed back to their lands. The ten families of the Motherworld went back to living and had peace for a time.

I do not have time to tell you about how the Creator dealt with the people on the moon or the planet you call Mars. But you see the results. The green moon is now dead and barren rock. And your Mars is now red as blood.

The Birth of Paganism

Let me say a word about Semiramis. As I told you, she traveled the world searching for here husband’s body. She claimed that her magic made her a virgin again. She and her vestal virgins traveled the world. While she lost her kingdom of Babel, she came to rule the world by her paganism. Everywhere that she went, her vestal virgins seduced men to her new religion of fertility.

Man was obsessed with fertility so that they would not be swallowed up by the cruel broken world. Semiramis and her priests said that their magic could give everyone fertility of crops, of livestock, and of children.

Semiramis did find all of Nimrod, or claimed to do so. The last piece was the heart, as I have said. Then Semiramis, the self proclaimed virgin, proclaimed that Nimrod was reborn in her womb. The “virgin” and the child, who was called the father now were worshiped as the mother with the babe in her arms. The virgin who re-birthed her own husband was the highest expression of fertility to the people of this new religion. Every pagan religion has roots in Nimrod, Semiramis and the son Tammuz.

We as Keepers remember what the Creator promised to the father of us all, Redman, whom you call Adam. The Creator promised that the Seed of the woman would destroy the cruel angel of Motherworld. Tammuz cannot be the fulfillment of this.

We do not know what Tammuz was. Was he the natural born bastard of a whorish woman named Semiramis? Or was he an abomination of flesh, a giant, born from a star of God? We do not know. But we do know that their influence still grips your world in its various forms. It has even come here to Otherworld among the simple-tongues that have come here through the generations.

There is an overview of what happened at Babel. You need to understand. With that Impossible Gate and the Subtle Tower, man could have hanged the very laws of reality. The Creator took away their ability to do this. He did this by helping Shem destroy the tower and by confusing man’s language. If he had not taken the Mothertongue from Motherworld, their minds would have still been able to rebuild.

Because of these events, no Keeper in the Trust will make a world Gate. It is a law among us since the Tower of Babel. We do not want the Creator to take away our ability to think and speak. We keep the Mothertongue in trust for all man until the day that the Creator lifts the curses and blesses those that are counted worthy with the pure language. Our prophets say that is what will happen to those that are judged worthy when all men stand before the King of Peace.

Author's Note:

This is fiction of course. I would like to designated it as "Creation Science Fiction." Like traditional Sci-Fi, we seek to take real world ideas of science and extend them into the furthest reaches of possibility. This is what we have done here but we have used the Bible as the source of ideas. So, we have tried to make a world where nothing that happens nor anyone that exists is in contradiction to the truths of God's Word. You must know that above all, we believe that the Bible is God's protected and inerrant Word. We have woven together Biblical concepts with fiction in a way that may surprise you. I am not suggesting that what happens here is true. Obviously, I made it up. But there are some things that are true. Some of what I have written here is based on the book, "The Two Babylons" by Alexander Hislop. It is worth reading (though not exactly easy by modern standards). You will need to examine and explore the Scriptures yourself to see if something is possibly true or not. That is the real fun here, to see the Word of God come alive with possibilities that we might not have expected. Let me close by saying my primary goal in publishing these stories is to get the children of God to examine the Bible more carefully and deeply.


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