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Keeper's Missive 3: the Legend of the World Keeper

Updated on December 15, 2013

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The Seven High Guilds

The Keeper’s Missive:

The Legend of the World Keeper

There are many kinds of Keepers. Over the last four thousand years, we have kept the Trust. In that time, there has developed a highly diversified culture. There are seven traditional clans of Keepers. These are named for the Seven High Guilds of Keepers. While other clans have developed beside the seven clans, the seven are the most prestigious and prosperous. In naming the Seven High Guilds, be aware that I am also naming the seven High Clans. They are different but have the same title.

The first historical Guilds of Keepers actually began before the breaking of Motherworld. The first of the Guilds began before the Keepers or the Trust began as such. When the Keepers formed from the sons of our father Name, they carried these guilds on into the society of Otherworld. The first of the Guilds was the Beast Guild. This guild was responsible of the control and oversight of the beasts. They bred the beasts for all types of service, beauty, and clothes production. While they did bread clean beasts for sacrifice, they did not eat them until the Motherwold was broken. Then when the Keepers came to Otherworld, they renounced the practice and went back to not eating meat again.


The First Guilds

Then came the Music Guild. It was that guild that not only played music but they were the inventors of the every type of musical instrument. The Music Guild was responsible for entertainment, education, poetry, and worship.

Somewhere before the destruction of the Motherworld, the Priest Guild also came into being. They Music Guild and the Beast Guilds have argued with each other for millennia over the question: from which of them did the Priest Guild develop? The Priest Guild argues that they developed independently of either.

Then came the Metal Guild. They were not only miners and refiners. They were tool makers and weapon forgers. They were the first engineers, the creators of math and all kinds of witty inventions.

These four High Guilds formed on Motherworld before Malech HaOlam broke the world in his cleansing. The next guild to form was the Gate Guild. This guild was the first guild actually started by the Keepers. For the Keepers did not truly begin until they came here to Otherworld. This High Guild was formed with the central preoccupation of ensuring that Gate to Motherworld was protected. The motivation for doing this was so that Otherworld would be protected from breaking as Motherworld had been broken.


The Later Guilds

After the Keepers were established on Otherworld, other Guilds were formed. There were two more High guilds, Law and History. The History Guild was really formed by the Keepers on Motherworld who began to see their unique role of tracking the course of man’s deterioration from strength.

There were many major and minor guilds formed. Specialty guilds of all types were made as the years went by. But there was one guild that was almost universally denied. It was the Guild of the World Keeper. There was a time when the trust did recognize a World Keeper, but that has been many ages ago. This guild should be recognized because in truth, it is the oldest of all professions. The first World Keeper was our first father Redman. While he forfeited much of his authority and prerogatives to the daystar of Motherworld, he was the first World Keeper.

The World Keeper is not part of a Guild

The World Keeper is the representative of man in man’s authority over a world. There have been many in the past, but only one proper World Keeper at a time. He usually has at least one apprentice whom he readies for the role after his death. Then he passes the authority to the apprentice. Redman passed the authority to our father Humble when giving the secret of the gates. Humble entrusted it to our father Rest. He in turn passed it to our father Name. But when the Keepers came to Otherworld, the high priest, King of Peace, named Keeper Elendel to be the first World Keeper of Otherworld.

The World Keeper has many responsibilities. As with all responsibilities, authorities were given as well. One authority of the World Keeper was to name beasts that had no name. While Redman had done this on Motherworld, there were many beasts on Otherworld that were born of that soil and had not been named. For only a man has authority to name the beasts. As there had been no men on Otherworld until the sons of Fury and the Keepers came, there were also no names.

To the Hunt

The Truth becomes Legend

So, Elendel named the Milgrim Sa, the Emperor Ants. Although they look like the ants of Motherworld in everything but size, they in fact were born of Otherworld’s earth. There were also the Burlon, those silent creatures that love the night flight. Then there is the Aeolion. Those water dragons bring beauty to the sea by their many colors. Then of course, there were the Bildige Hah and Sah (lesser and greater). Some of these poor creatures were stolen and taken from their world and taken back to Motherworld. Those sad beasts always looked to the stars wishing to be able to go back home to their own world from which they were taken.

The World Keeper is supposed to be one that keeps the whole planet. He is supposed to watch and care for the entire Otherworld by maintaining vital balances of plants, animals, and humans. He watches the water and soil. He is said to be able to stop the morning dew, dry up rivers, and make the land cease from giving fruit. The World Keeper also was a prophet and in the past has cursed or blessed the land and the waters. He has declared judgment and even called down fire from the sky. This is the reason why today, it is not fashionable to even believe that there ever was a World Keeper. The trust does not acknowledge this guild because they do not acknowledge the prophets that have come from it.

The Unknown Flower

The Trust and the World Keeper

There has been many men claiming to be World Keepers. The Trust, Keeper Society, says they are tricksters. They are cheaters. The World Keepers are accused of acting only for power, for money, or for some other advantage.

There are only two World Keepers the Trust will acknowledge in the present day. The ancient Elendel and the great Dodejenaw. Dodejenaw was an honorable Keeper who spoke with the breath of the Creator. He was a prophet. The ones that came after, the Trust calls charlatans. I will tell a secret, something Keeper Council will not tell you. The followers of Dodejenaw were not always considered cheaters and liars. There was a time that they were all respected, up until the last two. Then everyone started claiming that all were cheaters.

I will tell you another thing. Our father Name was not the last World Keeper for Motherworld. There have been others that have taken the responsibility given to them by Malech HaOlam. I will leave it you to examine Motherworld’s histories and discern who these faithful men might have been. I know, you will say that not all of them were Keepers. Let me tell you what the old World Keeper used to say. "It is not the ability or the tongue or the many years that makes a Keeper. Rather it is when a man is a faithful steward."

So, I will close this missive by saying, we should all be Keepers of the trust each and every man is given. Every man has the responsibility entrusted to him to do right.

Author's Note

This is fiction of course.  I would like to designated it as "Creation Science Fiction."  Like traditional Sci-Fi, we seek to take real world ideas of science and extend them into the furthest reaches of possibility.  This is what we have done here but we have used the Bible as the source of ideas.  So, we have tried to make a world where nothing that happens nor anyone that exists is in contradiction to the truths of God's Word.  You must know that above all, we believe that the Bible is God's protected and inerrant Word.  We have woven together Biblical concepts with fiction in a way that may surprise you.  I am not suggesting that what happens here is true.  Obviously, I made it up.  But there are some things that are true.  You will need to examine and explore the Scriptures yourself to see if something is possibly true or not.  That is the real fun here, to see the Word of God come alive with possibilities that we might not have expected.  Let me close by saying my primary goal in publishing these stories is to get the children of God to examine the Bible more carefully and deeply.

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