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Keto the Peacemaker - A Story Never Written: Part 3

Updated on April 23, 2019
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John is a long-time poet, short fiction, and article writer. He loves story-telling and also has a Certificate in Permaculture Design.

The land was harsh and barren
The land was harsh and barren | Source
Trbal warriorsready for war
Trbal warriorsready for war | Source

Keto the Peacemaker

The land was harsh and barren,

Resources often scarce.

It was survival of the fittest

And the fight to live was fierce.

Two tribes were on the verge of war,

Slim chance to compromise.

Only one man could avert it,

The seer with sightless eyes.

The chieftain of one of the tribes

Was opposed to wasted life,

So seeking to avert the war

He chose his youngest wife.

He mounted her upon a horse

And gave her furs to trade,

Then sent her off to seek the help

Of the legendary sage.

Lena and her horse
Lena and her horse | Source

Keto sat beside a fire

In a yurt, he made from skins.

The outside air was arctic cold

But it was warm within.

He sensed the horse approaching

And opened up the door,

Inviting the young woman in.

"You're here about the war."

How could he know? she wondered,

But she confirmed that's why she came,

"My chief has sent me on a quest

To find the one so famed."

Keto replied, "I'm just a man,

No deity or god."

But he agreed to accompany her

And do the best he could.

Yurt | Source

He made her stay the night and rest

And fed her hearty food,

So in the morning, she'd have strength.

The return journey to resume.

He learnt her name was Lena,

Only 15 years of age,

And he amazed her with his knowledge.

She could tell he was a sage.

They loaded up the horses

With provisions for a week,

The set-off back to give the chief

The answers he did seek.

On arriving in the village,

The people stared in awe.

Here was the living legend

They'd never seen before.

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Tribal ChieftainWarrior Chief of other tribe
Tribal Chieftain
Tribal Chieftain | Source
Warrior Chief of other tribe
Warrior Chief of other tribe

Keto met with both the chieftains

Of the two opposing clans.

They agreed to sit together

And listen to his plans.

"You need to be nomadic

And move towards the south.

Follow the migrating herds,

There'll be food for every mouth."

"Then as the winter thawing starts

Return from whence you came

And plant these seeds I'm giving you,

Then you'll have summer grain."

"Warfare's not the answer,

No benefit it brings.

Other than the loss of life,

It never solves a thing."

The chiefs accepted this advice

And shelved their plans for war,

And Keto's fame as peacemaker

Soon passed down in folklore.


© 2017 John Hansen


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