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Kids what are really doing?

Updated on October 30, 2011

Kids on the Internet

The technology has grown,and it seems like anyone can get on. Facebook a lot of teenagers have Facebook,but do you know who they are talking to? For instance they could be talking to a older guy just behind the fence or someone freakier. Also such as PS3 and 360 kids have access to that. I've seen a lot of kids on it,who shouldn't be. I also know its the parents choice,but the way they act is wrong. Such as,cussing and threatening,I really don't know if anyone is in the room when this is happening. Keep in mind also parents,kids like to sneak in the family room,or where ever the system is,while you are asleep. Same as on Facebook or anything that has to do with social interaction. Just it kinda makes me mad when I see a 12 year old on Call of Duty at 2 am. Or I'm on Home on the Playstation 3 and kids are harassing people. It just makes no sense these days.


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