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Killing Cupid

Updated on December 9, 2018


Im trying my best to admire your beauty
But your beauty is surpassed
By lips, tities and ass
How do you expect me to respect you when all i see is clap clap?
Snap back into reality
Step back and analyze what your saying?
Whore and slut what guess what?
How can he admire your intellect
when he does even know your name?
Where you are chasing every and any dollars, quarters and penny
Dont forget dimes come in plenty
So hearing I love you is silly

Neighborhood bitter woman

Finding the quest for my intend with your heart
Is just as useless as trying to find a musician who doesn't call his work art
Whether its makes me wicked or deceiving
For having you believing you're my one and only
While I grip you tight with my lips
Dripping all over your emotions
Thinking of the stolen
All the pieces shattered and broken
Smacking and stroking
Choking trying hold back the salt from my face
I recall a happier place
Wrapped in his arms warm and embraced
Scrambled egg, grits and my juices
Catering to you seemed fluent
Even the times I seen T&A on your AT&T
Lying to my face as easy as the ABCs
Tell me you never put the D in every girl in i seen
Calling me your wife, your girl showing all the world our love LIES!
So I smash my plum against their brains
As the pass did the same
Only a fool would fall in love with a woman's scorn
The story of a woman has been harmed
A beautiful evil mf with a butterfly's charm
A twisted version of ring thee alarm
Just a tiny tale women know to well
- sincerely your neighborhoods bitter woman

Family Reunion

The thick smoke danced around the green grass
The sweet sweet smell of love played in my eyes
My mouth begged for the chance to taste the perfection they put on my plate
This our cousin she said
This is your aunt
This is your family
Give them a hug
A fake smile on my face
Anticipating all the pies and the cakes
Summer sounds of the blues, hip hop, rap and gossip news
See the key is
Remembering the pass
Understanding that time moves so fast
Family is the only word that can bring
But their will always be love
Love is accepting the flaws and the perfection as equals
And thats what family is all about
Family is a balloons filled with love
Just like with all balloons
We grow tried of hold them
And are quick to let go
And then we are all left alone

Collecting Demons

The alarm clock rings
In the pitch of the night
Stomach growling so I can look right
Let the shower head
Apply pressure to my body
As I wipe away the innocence
Drying off the definition of right and wrong
And the powder to my cheeks
Then the shadow to the eyes
Next the bright color to my lips
Now the lotion to my thighs
My breast
My belly
My ass
My mind
to smooth away the thoughts of my reputation
I pull up my shorts
And put on my corset
And tighten it around my chest to keep my heart covered for the battle
Next the glitter
Then the shimmer
I walk around the place
Pressing my body in their face
Letting my demons accumulate
They wrap their hands around my hips
Press my voice against their ears speaking to their hearts as I collect my demons
Touching me
And feeling me
But its not me


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