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Kitchen or Sink

Updated on June 9, 2017

Kitchen or Sink

I wonder why could neither see nor think
Such thing as the kitchen or the sink,
So bare like the lighted chandelier
Or the brightest morning set earlier?

The sink delights antiques and porcelains
Of golden plates and bowls to put up grains
Or the few pairs of silver forks and spoons;
As much as not feasible as to with runes.

It delights so much the heart and eyes
Thus dances in glamour and looking wise;
To float and clamour for the sink's riches
And toss 'round the world among it reaches;

Or the Kitchen's calling for attention
To lend some eye or one reservation,
Thus offering a clear glassful water
Like an ocean of pure crystal lighter.

It offers pure and purest of the stuff
Like of children's smile and playful laugh,
That soars until it reaches the cloud nine
To where the truest of chances all shine.

I wonder why could either contemplate
Or question the eyes making ordinate,
Of depths of significance of percept,
Should either kitchen or sink to accept?

I couldn't grasp it's idea of why
Such common thing get to be trifled by?
That indeed set chances of changing choice
Of a world-bearing and erratic noise.

Both give ways to prosperity of life.
But how's the end? Should it avoid any strife?


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