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~Kitty Dilemna!~

Updated on March 4, 2014
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What IS that cat thinking?

Just what’s on his mind?

With his piercing eyes,

and his wagging behind…

And now his tail’s thumping

hard on the floor…

I think I just fed him…

could he want more?

Maybe it’s a “flavor” thing

Or, it’s “who’s the servant

and who’s the king?”

What dismays me most,

is that I give in…

Like I live to appease

his every whim

The trash half full of

failing flavors

Each one, endorsing

his spoiled behaviors!

I’m not sure who gets

the most delight…

I swear he’s laughing

…that’s just not right!

Sometimes, I reach my

“mother” mood…

THAT is your dinner!


And then,

I think he laughs again

I can’t believe

the likes of him!

I cherish him more

than most any thing

(as he purrs, to indulge

my babbling)…

He’ll always have

a home with me

Wherever in life

I happen to be…

And when the day

he is, no more

He’ll simply wait at

Heaven’s door…

And thump his tail

Until I arrive…

When he’ll walk away, mumbling…

“Thank God, you’re alive”…


Kitty photographs by msmm



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    • alyxsky2 profile image

      Alyx Kemp 4 years ago from Herkimer, NY

      i love this. can totally relate. i am more than sure the cats run us instead of us running them. but they are so cute. (your cats are beautiful) :) my boyfriends cat never stops meowing until we get up and give him what he wants...(he is too lazy to open the door, when there is enough room for him to stick his head through it.)