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Known Strangers

Updated on April 22, 2010

 You know what to say

and when to say it

you know how to say what

i am thinking without me

producing a sylable

you can make me smile

when all i want to do is cry

you can make  me laugh

when all i want to do is

release my tangled anger

how do you do that ?

how do you know me better than myself

at times i feel we are one

and we belong as we are

always together....

you take me in  your arms

you cradle me....

my protector...

and you are a stranger to these

feelings you are feeding within me

you think of me...

always i can count on you

to always fill in what i cant

i can always count on you

for everything

you are just there...

we know each other

so well ...and yet

we are strangers...

i feel you so close at times..

but there are miles of hard distance

between us...


how we are known strangers.


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